Prototype Trounces inFamous

The NPD numbers show an interesting battle between two similar games: Prototype and inFamous.

Excerpt: "Now, however, that the June NPD numbers are out we can finally declare a winner and put this to rest as early reports had inFamous selling around 190,000 copies for the first week, but the NPD numbers had a weaker showing of 175,900 in May. The June numbers show an additional 192,700 for inFamous, bringing it up to a total of 368,600 since launch while Prototype racked up 419,900 on the Xbox 360 alone. We don't know the number of PS3 sales, as it apparently didn't make the top 10 reported by NPD - and PC sales are currently unavailable.

But even without PS3 and PC sales it would seem that Prototype has come out as the fan favorite over inFamous."

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PirateThom3470d ago

"But even without PS3 and PC sales it would seem that Prototype has come out as the fan favorite over inFamous."

What the hell kind of spin is this?

inFamous is the fan favourite, problem is, there's quite a few more 360s than PS3s in the US. The fact Prototype didn't chart for PS3, while inFamous did, again, should be more telling.

3470d ago
PirateThom3470d ago

And yet, the people with a choice, have clearly gone for inFamous, how do you explain that?

JonahFalcon3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Again - 2 months for inFamous - only one month for Prototype. They haven't stopped sales yet. How do you know PS3 owners who have just finished inFamous won't try Prototype next?

Besides, Prototype might have sold the same number of copies than inFamous did in its first month.

Eddie201013470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

If infamous was available for the Xbox 360 it would have easily outsold Prototype, infamous is easily the better game. I have both for the PS3 and I enjoyed Infamous much more than Prototype but I do like Prototype.

And yes Prototype on PS3 is just as good as the Xbox 360 version.

iHEARTboobs3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

inFamous was out for less than a week in May. So it's not two months. Either way if you have a PS3 you get an option for two games which is greater than one. And I'm sure they ate into eachothers sales since they're both sandbox.

Anyhow, i bought inFamous, loved it. Looking forward to the next one. Might give Prototype a shot if I have some down time.

NS3470d ago

john, you completely missed the point. Even when Infamous came out first. In the month of June still more PS3 owners bought infamous over prototype since prototype was released in June, it should have sold more than Infamous in June. As Pirate said, clearly people with the choice made their choice and its Infamous.

RyuStrife3470d ago

Sorry Mr. Falcon, but May 26 does not account for "2" months.

OmarJA3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Agree with PirateThom.

Blaze9293470d ago

lol...that made me giggle for some reason.

But anyway PS3 owners had a choice and although I preferred Prototype, many chose to go with inFamous instead of Prototype for it being a better game.

lokiroo4203470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Ahh feels good to be able to play the superior game, Infamous, and the superior version of prototype, am I right or am I right?

gambare3470d ago

I don't know what's the big deal, Prototype is strong in sales thanks to the PS3 sales.

Lou-Cipher3470d ago

Both Halo 3, and Grand Theft Auto 4 sold more units than:

Metal Gear Solid 4
Mass Effect
Killzone 2
Little Big Planet
Fallout 3

But Halo 3 and GTA4 don't even compare(quality wise) to above listed games, at all.

I will always buy games because they are kick a$$ games, not because they sell well. Infamous kicked the he11 out of prototype when it comes to fun factor and overall quality.

SolidAhmed3470d ago

that's an easy false statement

compare ps3 vs ps3 numbers

cayal3470d ago

I see JonahFailcon can't even get simple logic going, no wonder he is a hack of a journalist.

talltony3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Oh prototype sells more than infamous? really Im shocked! since when does a multiplatform game sell more than a uncommerciald exclusive? i guess prototype is the better game since it sold more? lol give me a freakin break already!

Boody-Bandit3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

and you will quickly see his motives behind this lunacy. He is one of the biggest trolls (and Sony haters) I have ever run across in all my years on the net. What ever he submits anywhere is nothing but Sony hating troll spinning garbage.

Just pulled this off of google.
He obviously still lives on usenet trolling there as well as here. As you can see he is highly respected every where. /s

Very sad strange little man indeed.

YogiBear3470d ago

I'd like to see the information on how many copies of Prototype were returned/traded in after release. That would be statistics worth looking at.

gauntletpython3470d ago

Consider this:
-InFamous doubled Prototype PS3 sales with only 1 extra week
-When you adjust the total sales, and find the attach rates, InFamous has sold to 3.75% of it's available userbase, while Prototype has only sold to 2.1%.

callahan093470d ago

Not a surprise to me. Prototype PS3 took away from some inFamous sales, I'm sure, just as inFamous took away some Prototype PS3 sales. What took away Prototype 360 sales? Makes perfect sense to me why neither one would be as high in sales as Prototype 360. People who only own a 360 didn't have to choose one or the other. If inFamous was also on the 360, then you can compare those numbers and get an accurate reading of which is the "fan favorite," but as it is I don't think the circumstances warrant sales comparisons.

Prototype and inFamous were both well-received games and have similar metacritic averages, so the choice isn't exactly obvious which one you'd choose given the choice. I mean, consider MLB 09 The Show vs. MLB 2k9. The Show was rated incredibly, around the 90% mark, and 2k9 was rated mediocre, around the 60%. It's not even a contest which one is considered the better game. And yet, the 2k9 on 360 sold almost as much as The Show on PS3. Because 360 only owners didn't have a choice, there was only one game they could get if they were interested in that sort of game. So it's no surprise to me that when the 360 owners aren't given a choice, they'll still buy the one option they do get. It doesn't mean that they'd still choose that game if the other was on their console, too, so it is really an irrelevant comparison.

Kushan3470d ago

The only thing I want explained here is why people care so much.

Godmars2903470d ago

Because, no matter how many times its said that Prototype is multiplatform, a win for it is a loss for a PS3 exclusive.

Even if they have to use PS3 numbers to prove it...

raztad3470d ago

Following author's logic inFAMOUS was in a contest with Prototype to be fan favorite of X360 owners????

Now this makes a A LOT of sense /sarc

360 owners only had Prototype and (in NA) they form a larger userbase than PS3 owners giving Prototype the obvious edge when talking about sales. This article is so flawed that hurts.

ultimolu3470d ago

Yes, judge in terms of sales but not the gameplay.

Gotta love the industry these days, rofl.

JonnyBigBoss3470d ago

Only Playstation 3 owners can experience inFamous. inFamous is more popular by Playstation 3 owners (including myself, my sister and her boyfriend who all played it at my house this week). Sure, Prototype sold more and I'm happy for it but don't make it sound like inFamous is a failure. It is the best superhero game ever made as far as I'm concerned.

Qui-Gon Jim3470d ago

Because fanboys want to make this a 360 vs PS3 battle like everything else.

Try this: If you enjoy the games you play, then you win.

xTruthx3470d ago

Reply to gamers not fan boys people, dont waste ur time on them.

RememberThe3573470d ago

Because in business thing things that bring in the most money are supported, the one that don't... aren't...

As a fan of the PlayStation I want to sell it excel. To see a game that is in my opinion a peace of crap do better then Infamous is sad in a way. If only Sony knew how to advertise they would probably have moved more units. When it came to Infamous they had some pretty damn good commercials but they never ran so it was kind of pointless.

Alvadr3470d ago

Its a shame. Infamous should have sold more, it IS the better game.

More popular doesnt necessarily mean better (i.e Wii games)

jessupj3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

I think most unbiased real gamers that can actually tell a good game would concider infamous to be the better game, at least the majority.

So I agree with a few of the guys that it's very sad to see the better game being less successful. Just think about that for a moment; the better game actually sold less. Only in a world like ours can that happen.

Unfortunately that means the trend is going to be that more "prototype games" are going to be coming out and less "infamous games" are going to be produced.

You would think 360 fanboys would be dissapointed about this trend but it seems they're rejoicing that they're going to be getting more poorer quality titles.... since poorer quality titles sell more. Doesn't make sense to me because I want to play fun quality games. Honestly, fanboys just ruin their own gaming experience.

gaffyh3470d ago

It was obvious that Prototype would outsell inFAMOUS because the install base of 360:PS3 in US is 3:1, also bear in mind that PS3 owners had a choice between two similar games and most of them bought infamous, but obviously some people bought prototype on PS3 aswell.

Infamous is still the better game no matter how badly/well it sells, oh wait I forgot fanboys only care about game sales, gamers care about games.

Syronicus3470d ago

And it would still suck compared to inFAMOUS. Sales do not make games great and great games do not always sell. Period.

vhero3470d ago

This is a massive spin on the truth you should look on PS3 where the users actually have a choice instead of comparing the 360 version of 1 game against a ps3 version of another its a stupid idea especially as 360 has a higher install base in the USA this article is pure flamebait N4G keeps going downhill. Gone are the days when you came on here for a good read and to find reviews and opinions. Now its all flamebait article crap like this BS.

Saigon3470d ago

is that this is just NPD numbers...what about the Rest of World...I think the numbers will show different of what was the favorite game once you calculate all the numbers...This is why I hate NPD...people seem to think it is for the whole world rather than just one section...

shingo3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

I bet if infamous was released for 360 it would have utterly slaughtered prototype 360 sales. infamous is the better game in every way imaginable, this isn't even an opinion, it's a fact.

cherrypie3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )


Somehow I think if Halo 3 and GTAIV Exclusive DLC were on PS3, you'd be singing a different tune.

Take Halo for instance; it is the Highest Rated (non-nintendo) console series *in history*. Higher than MGS. Higher than GT. Higher than Gears or KZ.

It's pretty clear that Halo makes PS owners jealous and petty -- please just STFU. Get back to us when PS3 has *any* title that is remotely successful compared to Halo 3.

Why even bring up Halo 3 in this thread? This thread is about Prototype destroying infamous in the marketplace -- why are you changing the subject?

Another datapoint in a long history of similar events.

If you bought a PS3 for games, you're going to be disappointed. Sony used the PS3 as a trojan for movie sales -- remember, they are a member of the MPAA (and RIAA for that matter).

The PS3 is meant to sell BR disks just as much as games, and honestly, I forsee 3rd party support disappearing quickly.

I know this makes the PS3 owner angry, but Sony isnt looking out for your best-gaming-interest here.

Want to play games? Clearly an Xbox 360 is the best choice this generation.

With infamous sales so abysmal, how can 3rd parties possibly continue to burn money on the PS3? Dont think for a second that Sony has unlimited money to basically burn here either.

sorceror1713470d ago

@cherrypie - You're missing the point. It's not all about sales - it's actually about profitability. If you spend less on development (single-platforms save on engine development, hardware, testing, support, production, etc.) then your profit-per-game is greater. Add in the benefits of exclusivity - platform support, marketing assistance, probably even reduced licensing costs - and you can actually make more money on less sales.

This case is actually a really poor example for your contention, anyway. It's not like PS3 owners have less choice in sandbox games right now. There are three good ones that came out recently - RF:G, Prototype, and inFamous. The PS3 has all three; for the 360, you can only get two.

Third-party development for the PS3 isn't going away - exclusive or multiplatform. If you disagree, I'm afraid you're going to have to make a better case.

kws10653470d ago

They didn't have any choice, did they?

mebob3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

@cherry pie

"Why even bring up Halo 3 in this thread? This thread is about Prototype destroying infamous in the marketplace -- why are you changing the subject?"

Why are you bringing sony into this thread i mean this thread is just a bias article written by a crappy journalist.

"If you bought a PS3 for games, you're going to be disappointed"

oh wow, i guess the "PS3 has no games" fanboy mentality is still in your mind.

"Sony used the PS3 as a trojan for movie sales -- remember, they are a member of the MPAA (and RIAA for that matter)."

Yer this is a terrible decision by sony, they should copy M$ and sell a standalone blu ray drive then all of a sudden drop Blu ray and screw over their consumers.....

"The PS3 is meant to sell BR disks just as much as games, and honestly, I forsee 3rd party support disappearing quickly. "

Well if the PS3 is selling blu rays just as much as games i see sony making more money and foresee more 1st party exclusive because of the extra inflow of i don't know how your logic works OH WAIT it doesn't cause your just a HALO fanboy....

"Want to play games? Clearly an Xbox 360 is the best choice this generation. "

Yer like the choice you have between Imfamose and prototype!!!....OH wait.....

Seraphim3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Why do people care so much? imo Because this article tries stating that Prototype is the "fan favorite" yet tries to conclude this by sales on 360 and PS3 [which they don't even have numbers for because it didn't make the NPD list]. Which you can't do because inFAMOUS is PS3 exclusive. Obviously, lacking inFAMOUS and only having Prototype 360 owners will flock to Prototype to get their fix. Where as PS3 owners, though not all, just most, will flock to inFAMOUS to get their fix. You can't conclude that Prototype is a "fan favorite" in this manner while comparing it to inFAMOUS. The proper approach would have been to see what the "fan favorite" is amongst PS3 owners and if in fact it were Prototype also include that 360 owners have sucked this game as a "fan favorite" as well. But the way they went ahead trying to prove Prototype is a "fan favorite" is just rubbish. That's why people care.

pixelsword3470d ago

... 360 owners didn't have another game of this caliber come out before or after in a while, so of course it would sell more.

Whereas PS3 owners are still catching up on games that are coming out plus games that have come out already.

Take out the list of both games being released, and PS3 owners have more games to come out before inFAMOUS that they could choose from whereas the same cannot be said for the 360 owners in regards to the launch date of PROTOTYPE.

Anon19743469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

Only 30% of PS3's out in the wild are owned in the US, compared to 60% of the 360's. Of course PS3 numbers aren't going to compare with 360 numbers in an area where the install base is double.
Meanwhile, worldwide numbers seem to indicate that Infamous has edged out Prototype sales on the 360, while still moving almost half a million copies of Prototype too.

The real title of this article should be "Duh, du-duh duh. Duh!"

ObviousTruth3469d ago

if we only responded to gamers and not fanboys, there would be very few ppl to talk to on N4G.

and one more thing to just about everyone else in this thread. I'm happy that you enjoyed infamous, i really am. but the statement "inFamous is clearly the better game" is an OPINION, not a fact. I bought inFamous and rented Prototype. i think both are mediocre at best, but i thought prototype was more over-the-top and slightly more fun. Truthfully, the only reason either of them got any attention is because they came out during a time when very few good games come out. If they were coming out in November, for example, they would hardly even get a mention on gaming sites.

ChrisGTR13469d ago

at this point sony would make more money if they just started making 360 exclusives. lol i mean seriously a multiplat hero game outsold AN exclusive hero game on ps3. if infamous was on 360 it would of obliterated the ps3 sales by 2x as much. it woulda sold a mil i bet. sony really is better off just making 360 exclusives.

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Gamer60563470d ago

Well no duh I mean its obvious PS3 owners have a choice of Infamous and prototype 360 owners have one option Prototype. Also, there are more 360
owners in America than ps3. I guess U.S. sales=worldwide sales according to this dude who wrote the article.

JonahFalcon3470d ago

If Prototype sold the same number of copies that inFamous did in May, it wouldn't be in the top 10.

iHEARTboobs3470d ago

If inFamous was acutally out for more than a couple days in may the numbers would be different.

CyberCam3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

hopefully the author will enlighten us with one of his 5 paragraph masterpieces called "Water is wet". I'm really looking forward to that article LOL!

Hopefully he reads my post and notices the sarcasm oozing from my keyboard!

SuperM3470d ago

I hope you didnt write this article, because you lack the very small sense of logic that is required to be a journalist. Infact id call you balls out stupid if i were allowed to.

fuckoffodion3470d ago

he's "inFamous" for this sort of thing.

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qface643470d ago

i personally prefer infamous any day over prototype
i actually never even liked infamous at all until my brother bought the game and i actually played it

NS3470d ago

Man, i feel stupid after reading that article.

jordanlund3470d ago

I'll go slow so nobody gets hurt:

inFamous May numbers + June numbers = 368,600

Prototype June numbers alone, just for the 360 = 419,900

I feel safe in assuming that there were people who bought Prototype on the PS3 and PC as well which means the total number is EVEN HIGHER than 419,900.

See 419,900 is a bigger number than 368,600.

NS3470d ago

Man your are not the brightest eh?. I'll make it simple for you.

On PS3, X360,PC. A total installbase of 150 million plus.

On PS3 . A Total installbase on 23 million plus.

x360 30 million with only prototype.

PS3 23 million with both Prototype and Infamous.

If all else fails. 3 platform> 1 platform, 150million >23 million.

Are you educated now?.

Menchi3470d ago

I think you're missing this though...

On the platform where there was a choice, i.e, the PS3, Infamous VASTLY outsold Prototype.

So, that would seem to imply, that to those who had a choice, Infamous was the far more popular title. Hence, being the "fan favourite"

You can't really claim a game a fan favourite, if the system it sold on had no other competition.

chester3470d ago

this is such a stupid comparison on every single level

Black Maverick3470d ago

Yeah, I didn't know the games were competing since I, like alot of other PS3 owners, bought both games. They both have their own great qualities that makes them unique. Leave this "sales = quality" crap to the fanboys.