The Portable Gamer Review - Dokapon Journey

TPG writes "The meat of this game can magically eat hours, possibly days of your life without relenting. Dokapon is a hybrid board game/ RPG. That means all the wonderful things RPG fans like have been reduced to a mind-numbing and often unfair one-move-per-turn mechanic. At first glance, it feels fine. You choose your characters' and/or competitor's job class and allot some skill points amongst 5 attributes.Unfortunately, there really in no difference in the classes except for special skills though and this leads to lack of depth and customization arguments."

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darkroomdemons3476d ago

Egads. It hurts just to think about it.

roblef3476d ago

how did you let it eat your days?

darkroomdemons3476d ago

For the sake of reviewing, I spent more time with this game than any kid who gets it for their birthday or xmas from an out of touch relative would.

Haly3476d ago

So it's addictive but not very good? I'm conflicted!

supercharger51503476d ago

sounds like a pass. Maybe it'd be good at first but a game you'd never finish.

supercharger51503476d ago

The game is a down right dirty cheater and mind-numbing experience. :(

roblef3476d ago

hehe. how do you know that? ;)

wondroushippo3475d ago

It's hooked you without you even knowing it! In fact, odds are, I'm playing the game as we speak! Damn, I think I am! NO!