Chrono Trigger lights up the imagination

When a game has been developed by what has been known as the "Dream Team" of Japanese RPGs, you can be assured that the game will transcend time and still have an impact 14 years after its initial release.

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killyourfm4314d ago

i think an unopened copy of the SNES version goes for about $1400. Of course, an unopened copy is a wasted copy, i LOVE this game.

dagamdagee4314d ago

That is rediculous.. Who in the world has an unopened copy of the SNES version? I have to agree that this game is an unbridled classic, and It's gotten me into loving JRPGs.

kewlkat0074314d ago

True Story I met this girl from Cali that had a website made with HTML coding(I was learning myself) and when you got to her page she had this song playing. I had to research this song and see what it was and it was.

It was this right here...Chrono Trigger - Zeal Island

Simple tune but feel in love with Squarsoft.