21 Random Qs: Getting to Know...the BioWare Doctors

Bit-mob writes:

"Maybe it pisses them off, but we always lump Ray Muzyka (above, left) and Greg Zeschuk together as a pair. They're both co-founders of uber-RPG developer BioWare (who's working on the upcoming Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins). They both help run the new RPG/MMO Group at EA. And heck, they're both former doctors that went to med school together.

So when it came to interviewing BioWare for 21 Random Qs, we couldn't just pick one or the other. That didn't seem fair, and we didn't want to give one of them some sort of complex about being the cooler of the two for appearing on Bitmob first.

Thus, we have a two-for-one interview today...with both BioWare bosses telling us about their favorite this or thats, what they're like outside of gaming, and who'd win in fictional geekfest matchups. Warning: Nerd culture overload, ahead!"

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