Sony: Our Triple-A Software Will Bring Consumers to PS3

IndustryGamers recently met with Scott Rohde, Vice President of Product Development at SCEA, to talk about the PS3 development strategy and the company's new motion-sensing controller unveiled at E3.

One thing that's often been cited in terms of developing for the PS3 platform is its level of difficulty, but as developers like Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Guerilla Games and Sucker Punch have demonstrated, it's all about how to really leverage those powerful SPUs in the PS3. Rohde thinks we're only "scratching the surface" of what the PS3 can really do.

"The way I like to look at what the PS3 can do is that we're still peeling back layers of the onion and finding even more that the SPUs can pull off. From first-hand experience, when you talk to developers and they realize – especially when talking about a sequel – that they can throw a lot of tasks at those SPUs, freeing up the main processor to do a lot more than they thought, that's exciting to developers. It's exciting for them when they see they've just scratched the surface of what PS3 can do," he said.

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doctorstrange3477d ago

If they ADVERTISED the games

jamesrocks31473477d ago

however recently i have seen WAY MORE advertising done by sony and even advertising done in the way microsoft loves to advertise games

take harry potter as a recent example sonys advertising it as if u can only get it on playstation now, doesnt clam its exclusive just the ad displays playstation at the beginnin and end of the advert. microsoft has been using this for ages now sony is at it and there doing good they just need to do it on a wider range of games in a more aggresive way

3477d ago
doctorstrange3477d ago

Yh, Sony has upped their advertising, at least here in the UK, but they are advertising games like Transformers and Harry Potter, which, while good for sales and the playstation brand, does not help show their great Triple-A software lineup. I wish Sony would show everyone their great games.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

I wont mention all the exclusives, but weve all seen uncharted 2 by now.
2010 is following with more great titles which are set to eclipse the eye-candy weve seen so far .

So yeah im banking on what theyre saying. Ps3's game catalogue has many AAA titles in several genres, their plans for the future seem to be focused on experiences no available anywhere else.

Blaze9293477d ago

Exactly. How can games that no one knows about bring them to the PS3. I saw WAY more advertising for MLB 09 The Show than I did for Killzone 2.....MLB...Killzone 2. o_O?

Jaces3477d ago

Games are only looking better with each new AAA release.

So it's easy to see that they've only "just scratched the surface". I can easily see the PS3 going beyond 10 years.

La Chance3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Wow so after Lair, Uncharted, GT5P, Haze, MGS4, GT5P, Socom, LBP, Killzone 2 and Infamous they still believe this: "Our Triple-A Software Will Bring Consumers to PS3"

Its like they are unaware that the 360 offers AAA software too in the same quantity and quality and for cheaper.

Price + AAA software brings in customers: look at the 360

Megaton3477d ago

Sony's PR team can suck the hype out of any title, and they usually do. Any success their titles have in sales can be chocked up to word of mouth.

I use my PS3 for at least an hour everyday, genuinely believe it has better games than the 360, and couldn't live without some of its titles, but I'm really sick and tired of Sony. They still act like they're in an Ivory Tower as they drag ass behind Nintendo and Microsoft. They look foolish arguing $400 is a steal for the PS3 while $99 BluRay players sit on shelves at Walmart. You go to their official forums, and you see anger more than anything else, with Sony apathetic about the whole thing. Just get so fed up with it sometimes.

Jaces3477d ago

well people ARE buying the PS3 aren't they?

ottoman_2393477d ago

Yeah i saw a madden 10 commercial with people holding PS3 controller then the end of it, it says "playstation"

killinet2473477d ago

Your comment is so full of fanboyism it's ridiculous. First off you shouldn't even be looking at this news since you obviously don't own a ps3. Second, if you want to stir things up just take your comments to the open zone so we can all laugh about it. Thirdly, GT5 Prologue is really just a demo of the real game that is yet to come. It was never meant to be some big "AAA" game that 10 million people would buy. Lastly, I'm sure you have never played any of the games you mentioned so you should just shut your mouth.

topdawg1223476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Youre so right, Sony has horrible marketing.

@ Xiphos, totally agree with you too man, Sony's gotta quit actin like they're the top dog this gen. They are in quality, but this arrogance they show won't attract newcomers to the console

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N4PS3G3477d ago

How long have they been saying this?

PirateThom3477d ago

As a gaming company, I hope they keep saying it.

raztad3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

For long, and they are telling the true. If not the software why someone might want to get the highest priced (by far) console?

The full PS3 lineup makes people purchase it, even if the entry price is such a psychological barrier.

Btw, dont forget GT5 will be (almost sure) out this holidays and FFXIII in Japan. It will be awesome to see what happens. Sony is forecasting an up to 30%+ increase in sales and they know their business.

OmarJA3477d ago

Well they keep rolling out AAA titles & their platforms are selling, so?

Omega43477d ago

So i guess they have yet to produce any AAA software then :)

cyborg69713477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Yes they have but what I like will differ from what you like. My 360 has yet to be turned on this year because of all of they're aaa titles they've released in the last 14 months. @ slave what is wrong with the klz2 sales? While on this site I've seen a select few who seem to relish in the fact that the 360 is in second having already conceded defeat to nintendo. And that's where the 360 or 720 or the next gen after that will be 2nd. Microsoft will never be number one in the videogame market. At least if they keep canniblizing their current system like the original xbox. I just wonder what sony did to you. Did they touch you in a no touch place as a child and now your lashing out at them. I don't know. But what I do know is all of the trolling on both sides is homo to the max. Stfu and play your games.

OmarJA3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Well they did obviously, too bad i can't say the same thing about the 360...

Anyway welcome home, LOL!

Kill Crow3476d ago

no one gives a crap about nintendo (unless you like wii fit) - Microsoft is winning the HD console market ... I don't think anyone at microsoft cares what position they're in as long as it's ahead of Sony.

Xbox 360 is completely destroying Sony in hardware and software sales this Gen ...

When a Gaming company decides to do a AAA exclusive do you think they're going to say "Let's do one for Sony where it's sell maybe like 3 million over 6 months" ... or do you think they'll say "Let's do one for Xbox where it'll sell 2 million in the first weekend and do 6 million in 6 months"?

Game developers are in it for the money .... that's what sales and attach rates matter !!!!

A LIVING LEGEND3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

For nearly as long as you have been questioning it.
Sony's 'strategy' brought me on board,a consumer of all things.

swiftshot933477d ago

Come on sony release GT5 this year! We've waited enough!