Article: When Do You Normally Purchase a Game?

An article discussing when gamers would normally purchase a triple A title. Also discusses what extremes some gamers would go through to get their hands on the latest releases first.

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badz1493472d ago

when I really want to play a game? no?

-MD-3472d ago

Really though I'm picky when it comes to dropping 60 bucks on a game... there are developers that I trust my money with and don't need to wait for reviews (Rare for example).

edhe3472d ago

When I can afford it :B

I buy new games, unless on big impulse, when they're £20 or less. Unless they're an MP game the whole crowd of us will play from day one.

Frankly games are just too expensive for regular schmoes who have lives to pay for first.

Serjikal_Strike3471d ago

I was averaging at least 1-2 games a month since i got my ps3 in march of 2007 ...till june and july of this year only cuz I dont see anything good out right now...
Im waiting for Batman Arkham Asylum :)

EvilTwin3471d ago

Depends on the game.

If it's Zelda, it's day one. I bought every last-gen GTA on day one, too (and also got Chinatown Wars on the first day, now that I think of it).

If it's a really good sports game like Madden or Fight Night? I usually wait awhile, until I have a good chunk of disposable income.

[But a game doesn't even need to be AAA level for a day one purchase from me. I was hyped for NMH when it came out; certainly not AAA, but I got it on the first day, just because I really wanted a Wii game with good swordplay.]