IGN: FIFA 10 Hands-On

Last year's FIFA on Wii was little more than a port of the PS2 version with one mode that allowed players to use their Miis on the field. The game didn't follow the spirit of the Wii, making it all too clear that the team at EA Canada wasn't fully invested in Nintendo's system just yet. That's all changing this year with a redesigned game engine made specifically for the system and a reinvigorated emphasis on fast, non-stop footie action.

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tunaks13475d ago

Yuck this version looks like crap, whats up with all this "stylized" crap on the wii. Ghostbusters worked but in a sports game its out of place. Look at the ps2 xbox and gamecube sports games, all 3 systems were weaker, but the sports games on those system reached a sense of realism (NHL07 looked nice on the ps2& xbox) with their visuals. But no on the Wii, its all "stylized", it doesnt have to look like PS360 versions but that doesn't mean you have to resort to this crap. Ill just stick to PES on the Wii, PES 09 was better the FIFA 09 and I'm willing to guess that PES 10 will be better then FIFA 10.