Sony, Please Don't Show a Port Addiction

TPG Says, "Sony is slowly showing its hand with the still rumored application store for the Sony PSP Go. With the announcement of Fieldrunners being ported from Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch to the PSP Go by developers Subatomic Studios, Sony is already beginning to show a trend that it needs to curb immediately."

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bgrundman3477d ago

I hear porting games between the platforms is a bit of a b1tch

Blaze9293477d ago

What does anything that gets ported from the iPod/iPhone have to do with Sony? We see this with the launch of the PSP with PS2 ports and it's still happening.

Neco5123477d ago

Well they do have to pay Sony to license games on the platform

bgrundman3477d ago

Who cares as long as the games are good?

Johnny Rotten3477d ago

I say port away!

hey if there's something good to play then bring it!

Jinxstar3477d ago

Really even if they are not good who cares. It's their choice and it's just more content for people to have if they want it...

Theodore873477d ago

I mean, look at God of War, Grand Turismo 5, ratchet and clank... all got ported on the PSP and they are best PSP games out there. This idiot just wanted to make a fuss over his lame prediction.

Jinxstar3477d ago

Hey Theodore 87

I agree with the best games out there but maybe you don't really understand what a "Port" is. God of War chains of olympus was a totally new game. Half life was "Ported" to the 360 and PS3... A game that is already released for one platform and with little to no changes comes to another. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is considered a "Port" by 360 fans while PS3 fans consider it a totally new experience due to the amount of changes...

A stand alone title vs a port is different but either way bro game on =D

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inStereo3477d ago

makes me feel all funny down there.

Johnny Rotten3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

it kinda looks like a dude if you ask me, but hey if your into handsome ladies then so be it!

dagreatest413477d ago

First of all, your basing your whole article on a couple of games that were just announced. You somehow failed to mention the dozens of AAA PSP games that are in development. So if you already have all these great games AND what's available on the iPhone (or any other platform), consumers will only benefit from it.

My second point is this: what exactly is wrong with the idea of giving PSP owners an opportunity to play games from other platforms? I mean what you're saying is almost like saying I don't want to play Mass Effect on the PS3 because it's already available on the just doesn't make sense. I, just like any other rational consumer, would love to have as many options as possible so I don't have to purchase more than one hardware device.

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