PSU: Battlefield 1943 Review

PSU writes: "If Battlefield 1943 was a full-priced retail game we would moan about the lack of features, such as no clan support, having only one game mode, and the limited amount of weapons and maps available. For the price, however, you certainly get more than enough for your money. Great looking locations and expertly designed maps, a well-balanced weapon set, destructible environments and an excellent squad command system await those who download this gem of a title. If you're a fan of the genre, you'd be foolish to miss out on one of the best ever games to hit the PlayStation Network. You can rest assured that the Battlefield servers are going to be busy for a long time to come".

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DragonWarrior_43471d ago

It would almost be a perfect online game if voice chat worked. EA always does this to us though. I really hate EA and their servers. I love Dice though.