New Stranglehold movies

Three brand new videos showcase the technology, cinematics, and game play of Stranglehold courtesy of IGN, enjoy.

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wildcat4194d ago

the destructible environments look interesting

Clinton5144194d ago

The destructible environments are cool. Last year Midway was sending out surveys asking if the movie Hard Boiled was included with it, if people would buy it. I think I would.

Rybnik4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

Oh HELL ya'. I'm planning on getting the game anyhow! That would just be icing if Hardboiled was included (wonder if it would be HD?)
PS. thanks for the tip Clinton, I'm guessing the KZU interview was the REAL info you mentioned in another post?

Clinton5144194d ago

They mentioned Blu-Ray so it's a good chance that it would be in HD. :)

JPomper4194d ago

Hello multiplayer? Are you there?