Killzone 2 DLC Napalm And Cordite Trailer

Trailer for 3rd Killzone 2 DLC pack Napalm and Cordite

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Klipz-Wish3473d ago

If the video is laggy right click it and switch to low quality

3473d ago
JsonHenry3473d ago

^^ Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I played the single player, but the multiplayer was really lacking compared other titles I had for my PS3 and 360.

So after I beat it, I traded it in while it was still worth something.

gamesR4fun3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

ignore the haters this game still rocks and i cant wait to get my hands on those weps.

ps is it jus me or does proxy chat make tbaging so much deeper. XD

ToastyMcNibbles3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

just because none of you guys play it anymore doesnt mean everyone else isnt...personally i've gotten hooked on the multiplayer more than call of duty 4, resistance, and warhawk...i've put 104 hours into this game and im still enjoying every minute of it so this new dlc will only extend that even more

JonnyBigBoss3473d ago

Of course people still play it. It's one of the best FPS so far this generation, not to mention the only other competition for GOTY SO FAR is Street Fighter IV. Terrific game, and great DLC.

Rob0g0rilla3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Why dis created another account. 11 posts of b!tching, complaining, spinning, trolling, and a mod already deleting one his post all in one hour. That's how you know it's him.

And I'm pretty sure people still do play this game. It was just released this year -__-

MiloGarret3473d ago

People DO still play this a lot, I played some today, and it was as awesome as yesterday and the day before that, and the day before that etc.

I won't be buying this dlc though, I bought the two previous ones and I regret it because I basically never get to play them. Today I had to search for them specifically to actually play them, at least I got some trophies, yay.......

gamesR4fun3473d ago

yeh best way to play those maps is to host a room cap it at 16-24 players n have at it. Ill get the new map jus for the weps i really hope they make em free n let us use em on other maps...
that n make the new maps free after a few months so the communities not split n we can play them more often..

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Gilster3473d ago

We need PSN CARD in Nederland !!!!!!!

ToastyMcNibbles3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

holy sh1t! haha that was awesome! cannnot wait for this! killzone 2's multiplayer is truly unlike any other multiplayer experience out there right now...its amazing how they captured the essence of the single player in the multiplayer...the way players react to the bolt gun in multiplayer is the same way enemies react to it in the single player..its brilliant! btw i can never get bored of visari's speeches

Kinetix3473d ago

This is the 3rd one? Damn, can someone tell me the name of the 1st two?

ToastyMcNibbles3473d ago

steel and titanium, flash and thunder

phosphor1123472d ago

But they are all just too pricey for my blood. I have other things to pay for like college, car repair, PC upgrade for school, school books...ugh... Thats a total of 18 dollars for 6 maps and 2 guns. That's like a weeks worth of food for me.

SuperStrokey11233473d ago

Man i was hoping this this week. They are supposed to be bundling all the DLC for KZ2 when this comes out... Been waiting on that to happen.

badz1493473d ago

yeah like what they did with the 3 maps for Warhawk! I would love that!

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