Pimp Your Ride in ModNation Racers

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "ModNation Racers looks to be designed in the same spirit as LittleBigPlanet. The title promises incredible customization for both levels and vehicles. During the Sony Press Event at E3 2009, the developer showed only a glimpse of this incredible new game focusing mainly on the level customization."

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DoucheVader3473d ago

The toilet as your seat of your car is super IMHO. :) Gives new meaning to Bucket Seats!

Kleptic3473d ago

this game does look awesome...I need to get back into LBP too, haven't played it since killzone 2 released...plenty of trophies to still get...

DoucheVader3473d ago

Some of the LBP levels ard HARD! :P The collector has some tricky areas.

I hope they make some play, create, share trophies for ModNation.

Lifewish3473d ago

this game is looking like it will be a blast