It's Official: Modern Warfare 2 not heading to Wii

Activision revealed in a interview with Kotaku that there are no plans to release Modern Warfare 2 on the Wii, despite how well Call of Duty: World at War sold. Very sad news for Wii owners indeed.

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SinnedNogara3470d ago

So, after all the rumors with the fake boxart and the fact that the game was successful on the Wii, there is no Wii version.

This is just like Ubisoft. Red Steel sold well, but then Ubisoft starting to pull out shovelware games like Petz and Imaginz.

Well, PS3 version for me.

N4g_null3470d ago

The conduit would be too much competition to them... The online actually works and it's fun.

Bnet3433470d ago

Is anyone suprised? IW is not going to embarrass themselves releasing a COD Wii game. LMAO!

MegaPowa3470d ago

Whats so funny :-/ they would not embarrass themsevles if they were skilled enough to make great wii game which they are so i don't know where your getting at.

SinnedNogara3470d ago

You're joking right?

If not then Retro must be the most shameful developer ever.

orakga3470d ago

First off, I hope noone really thought that a Wii version would have been as good as the "proper" versions.

Secondly, and more importantly, I don't think anyone is really questioning IW's ability to make a good game on the Wii. The issue is with LIMITED RESOURCES. Simply put, IW (not Activision) cannot afford to just make a third (albeit inferior) version at the drop of a dime. They're comfortable with doing the best job they can with the two "state-of-the-art" systems, and making sure they deliver on people's expectations.

This also happens to be the same reason why Valve doesn't make games for PS3s (yet). They just don't have the resources to make that happen without compromising the quality of their games.

White-Sharingan3470d ago

Oh thank GOD! I dont mind if another developer would make MW2 for wii but not IW, no no no no no. I want all their attention to go for PS3/360 versions.

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nikola9873470d ago

Nooooooooooooo.. :((((((((

SinnedNogara3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

I feel your pain.

MiloGarret3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Sorry, but I'm actually happy about this.

Hopefully it'll give them more time and resources to make an even better game on the 360/PS3 and the PC.

TheMART3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Ofcourse not, its no fun to make last gen games for a very talented developer and work with last gen hardware.

Only shiatware from less quality devs comes to the Wii, like COD5. Just once in a while a speial made game comes by like Madworld and then the Wii users don't buy. Total fail Nintendo this gen on the real gaming part it is. Casual wise/non gamers its a big succes though...

A special Wii version, too much effort needed to just sell 1 mln. units and just break even. They better can focus on PS3/360 versions and sell at least 8 mln. on the 360 alone and then put the effort for a Wii version in DLC for the 360/PS3 and earn another couple of millions on that!

SinnedNogara3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

So, HVS and PlatniumGames (third party), anyone who made games on the Wii are terrible developers because they made games for the Wii???

Platnium could have made MadWorld for PS3/360, but it would have sold worse due to it's color and button mashing gameplay.

MadWorld was a repetitive, styalized game filled with tons of gore and bloodshed. I saw a lot of N4G-users who didn't want to touch it at all. This type of game doesn't have wide hardcore appeal, unlike Call of Duty.

NegativeCreep4273470d ago

There is no God!!!!!!

LOL, Just kidding. Who the hell cares?

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