Spawn Kill: Do You Remember Serious Sam?

K-Tuck of Spawn Kill reminisces over PC breakout hit Serious Sam.

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tigresa3471d ago

Looks like you are reminiscing just in time for Sam's XBLA comeback!

Bnet3433471d ago

I remember this was one of the first Xbox games I played. The co-op was amazing.

Reibooi3471d ago

Serious Sam was pure and simple one of the funnest games ever when it was released and I can't wait to play it on XBLA.

Here's hoping Serious Sam III gets done quickly.

K-Tuck3471d ago

I didn't even know that was happening. Come on Sony, bring it to PSN!

(though it doesn't matter, I own Serious Sam Gold for PC)

BWS19823471d ago

re-released. They've revamped the entire texturing/engine and all in the First Encounter by quite a bit, with the Second Encounter to follow. I have F.E. and S.E. on the PC, and Serious Sam 2 on my Xbox 1...I will somehow or another get the new Serious Sam:FE HD when it comes out because I saw the uplift in visuals it got, and I'm pumped as hell to play that.

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shocky163471d ago

And I can't ****ing wait to play Serious Sam HD on XBLA this year!

Cajun Chicken3471d ago

Heh, never forgot the guy. I have the games installed on my laptop and PC, own the console games (except GBA) been waiting longtime for SS3 and looking deeply forward to SS:HD.

Ziriux3471d ago

F yea and can't wait for the XBLA version. That logo looks like giant bombs lol.

Ninji3471d ago

I remember how mediocre it was (especially when compared to Wolfenstein).

K-Tuck3471d ago

Your face is mediocre!

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