Lens of Truth: BlazBlue Comparison (720p)

Lens of Truth writes, "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head Edition. This time the Lens of Truth finally got the chance to sit and compare the two versions of the highly anticipated BlazBlue - Calamity Trigger. BlazBlue is the first 2D next-gen fighting game that we've compared, but let's just say it was worth the wait."

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RudeSole Devil3473d ago

I'm a sucker for 2D fighting games and the PS3 Automatically win for having the superior controller.

7ero H3LL3473d ago

actually you just learn to adapt to what you have, it's the same as how ps3 gamers have to adapt to using a ps3 controller for fps's.

presto7173473d ago

The ps3 controller is just fine for fps. I cant honestly say the same about the 360 controller for fighting games.

Marcelles253473d ago

FPS are Fine on the ps3

the xbox360 D-pad you cant do certain moves

jaidek3473d ago

Good point... I have to agree with you. I would use the PS3 for fighters and the Xbox 360 for FPS's anyday.

NS3473d ago

Adapt to the x360 D-pad???. Are you Crazy????!!.

PS3 gamers adapt to FPS on DS3????. Kid. I have been playing MOH on PS1 DS controller since before you were born.

3473d ago
ultimolu3473d ago

Hey, Shepherd how about they both look the same?

Jinxstar3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

I honestly prefer the DS3 for both. I like having my t analog sticks parallel... doesn't matter for fighting games to me though. I have the SF4TE fightstick. I would never play a 2D fighter any other way then with a arcade stick... I am a big fan though.

Anon19743473d ago

and yet somehow came out with a tie. If everything else is the same but you can't control your character reliably on the 360 - wouldn't you think that would be an automatic win for the PS3?

MGSR THE HD VERSION3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

ps3's whole controller wasn't made for fps's, period.


your two thumbs are contently hitting each other when your runing right and aiming left while playing an fps, and your telling me that that's isn't considered a discomfort?

coolirisGB3473d ago

So the 360 version looks better and the d-pad is better on PS3.

BTW PS3's controller sucks for precision analog gaming and this is coming from a person that had the PS3 before the 360.

I_am_rushin3473d ago

Too bad they didn't even mention the PS3 having Remote Play.

Jinxstar3473d ago

Cool iris... did you read the article. Graphics are the same...

coolirisGB3473d ago

" Tie! The characters are a perfect one to one match down to the pixel. PlayStation 3’s backgrounds look a slightly blurry due to the more aggressive mipmapping, but overall there is no texture quality downsizing."

Doesn't make sense its either exactly the same or it is not.

I_am_rushin3473d ago

Gotta love video game "journalism".

"backgrounds look a slightly blurry"

ZeroBlitz3473d ago

"your two thumbs are contently hitting each other when your runing right and aiming left while playing an fps, and your telling me that that's isn't considered a discomfort?"

Have you never used a Playstation controller for more than a few minutes? The only way they could knock together is if you somehow play games by placing your thumbs on the sticks close to your joint. Awkward and not very comfortable. You generally place the tips of your thumbs on them for precision, comfort and quick reactions.

jaidek3473d ago

" Tie! The characters are a perfect one to one match down to the pixel. PlayStation 3’s backgrounds look slightly blurry due to the more aggressive mipmapping, but overall there is no texture quality downsizing."

They are saying the characters are the exact same clarity between the PS3 and Xbox 360, but the backgrounds on the PS3 are slightly blurry. They are overlooking the slight softness of the PS3 since the textures are the same physical resolution, just being filtered more aggressively. Typically the PS3 has a softer feel when compared to the 360.

talltony3473d ago

I really realy doubt you have bigger hands than me. I never hit my thumbs against each other ever. and the ds3 really is fine for fps. Maybe your playing video games the wrong way?

Boody-Bandit3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Did you not read the article?

"PlayStation 3 wins by having the superior d-pad and overall controller. I can’t tell you how many times we had to recapture the Xbox 360 version when we simply wanted to walk left. Sometimes we would jump, sometimes we would crouch. Every time we would curse."

It's not a matter of adapting to the 360 dpad. It's a matter of it not doing the commands you put into it.

@1.10 "your two thumbs are contently hitting each other when your runing right and aiming left while playing an fps"

All I have to say to this is HUH?
You either have freakishly large hands or have never used a DS3 controller.

Syronicus3473d ago

I have over 20 days of time clocked in on COD4 and never have I had my thumbs hit each other when using the PS3 controller. This is a troll comment and needs to be reserved for the Open Zone.

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jaidek3473d ago

I picked this one up on my 360, mainly for the Live play. If it weren't for my SF4 Mad Cats controllers I wouldn't be having so much fun. I agree, the PS3's controller is king.

ArthurLee3473d ago

I also agree! PS3 has a better pad for sure but they both suck compared to the MadCatz fightpad. I won't bother using any other controller but the fightpad or an arcade stick for fighting games.

presto7173473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Can someone please tell me. Because I still dont get it up till now. I play most of my fighting games with the playstation controller and it feels just fine. I really cant imagine arcade sticks being much better. Honest question. No BS.

jaidek3473d ago

It might just be psychological, but I feel more at home playing fighters the way they were meant to be played in the arcade. Sticks just feel more natural and responsive.

darthv723473d ago

What jaidek comes down to the old school ways of playing fighters in the arcade. The button layout is generally easier to pull off hits while the stick has more range of motion (or is that feel???) for responsiveness.

I prefer to play all fighters with a stick yet when you dont have just learn to adapt. I like the dpad on the 360. I dont know why so many people hate it so much. I do think the placement of the dpad is better with the split design rather than the dual analog side by side of the ps controller. I have big hands so when I use the ps I usually hit the left analog stick when using the dpad. I dont have that problem on the 360.

Have not had one problem pulling off classic moves in SF2, kof or even some of the more 3d style fighters.

Baron793473d ago

I'm a big fan of the fightpad as well, and this game. 2D Lives!

Jockamo3473d ago

Man, I wish you could have been gaming during the days of arcades. Stick your quarter on the machine, wait for your turn to play. That was the real mans way to play. In front of a crowd of onlookers, watching you learn how to master the stick. Online multiplayer, although great, has really taken away from the pressure of doing well in front of a crowd of strangers. It was also more pressured when you had to pay 50 cents for each play through. I'm tellin ya, it was hardcore back then. People spending all day at the arcade to learn's just not what it was.

The stick was to be respected. And it still is by that old generation of gamers. Street Fighter Tournies all use stick, as do the Teken Tournaments. I will regret the day someone passes up a stick for a PS3 controller.

hay3473d ago

@presto717: You know, it's a phallic thing. Every man likes to grab his stick, but if this stick is a bit bigger it's a win situation. /jk

I use arcade stick to partially recreate arcade feeling at home.

maxcer3473d ago

yes, fightpad FTW. otherwise, i never would have picked up SFIV and the Genesis Collection.

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ArthurLee3473d ago

I really don't use an arcade stick now that I have a fightpad. The only game I would absolutely need an arcade stick for would be the Capcom versus series. It is next to impossible to do air combos in those games without one.

The d-pad on the madcatz fightpad is one of the best of all time. It feels like a Sega Saturn controller. Now that I have it I won't use anything else for a fighter (except the versus series!).

Also most fighting games were originally released in the arcade!

mrv3213473d ago

I'd still rather have region free(living in Europe) than a SLIGHTLY improved graphics.

MiloGarret3473d ago

It's actually region free on the x360 too... At least this game is. X360 looks better, unsurprisingly for a multiplatform game, but I just bought it (TODAY, yay!) for my ps3 because I found it really cheap at the swedish version of eBay. And I prefer the DS3 for fighters anyway.

Ahhh, no more fighting constant Sagats and Ryus on SFIV...

Menchi3473d ago

It isn't region free for 360, apparently.

A quick google search turned up a bunch of different forums with claims it's region locked, and will only work on NTSC consoles [US and JP]

MiloGarret3473d ago

Really? Because I read somewhere that the US release was region free and that if I wanted to import, it would be ok. Can't remember where I read that though, could be wrong. I'm getting mixed messages from google now, some say yes, other (most) say no.

Whaaaaaaatever, I don't need to worry about that.

mrv3213473d ago

And that's the problem SOME titles are region locked others aren't this leads to confusion.

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GiantEnemyCrab3473d ago

You can't knock this game on the 360 because of it's D-Pad. It's totally on MS to improve it. All the fighter fans I know on the 360 have a fighting stick. Shame on this is, the reviewers will ding this game because of the 360 D-Pad which is a crime against this awesome game and the developers.

JonnyBigBoss3473d ago

How can you NOT factor in controls when you review a game? It doesn't matter if MS made a bad fighting game controller, that WILL make the score suffer. You clearly aren't a professional reviewer, and it's probably a good thing.

GiantEnemyCrab3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

If bad controls are on the coding side then yes sure I agree. But when the controls work great on a fight stick then I would say this it is not on the side of the game/dev. If I was reviewing a game I would mention the dpad but I would not ding it in score. Not saying Lens of Truth did that but I've seen other reviews.

Oh and clearly you are a professional reviewer judging purely on your amount of smugness.. like I ever said I was.

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