Siliconera Hands-On: Atelier Rorona

Impressions of PS3 exclusive RPG Atelier Rorona

Rorona isn't a brazen heroine. She's shy and unsure about her role as the alchemist of Arland. Actually, Rorona is more interested in baking pies than transmuting things for the king.

Since Rorona is a timid and occasionally aloof Atelier Rorona isn't an epic RPG focused on flashy fights. Combat is basic, it's even simpler than Atelier Iris. You can attack, select skills like Rorona's angel shot, flee, and defend from a menu. That's it unless you're controlling Rorona who also has item. Early on this is one of the most powerful commands because Rorona and her outspoken ally Cuderia mainly heal themselves with items.

Everything in battle is turn based except for assist moves. When Rorona and her allies take damage an assist meter starts to fill up. One full crystal equals one assist move, which can be used to make a partner deal an immediate follow up attack or cover Rorona from a single hit. Atelier Rorona gives players a generous amount of time to decide if they want to use their assist move to protect Rorona or save it for later. Battles freeze for a few seconds while you make up your mind. I'm pretty offensive so I usually let Rorona take hits and use assist attacks to defeat enemies faster.

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DarkAzureIIIX3476d ago

This series came from left field for me. I just start noticing the series last year. I have to check out the others to see if I want to try this one out.