Atlus Shows Trauma Team Behind the Scenes Video

Atlus will be expanding its Trauma series soon with the upcoming Trauma Team, to be released for Wii during Q1 next year. Today, the developer released a video that shows some of the development footage of the game, including some gameplay and explanation about the modes it will have.

There will be six modes in the game: endoscopics, orthopedics, first-response aids, diagnosis, surgery and forensics. Each field will have a determinate specialist you'll be able to control, you can check them and see some footage of the story in the video found in the VGChartz page

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killyourfm3472d ago

Yes!!! I cannot wait.

Crap, this means I have to buy a Wii before Q1 of 2010..

EvilTwin3472d ago

I really liked the first two Trauma Centers (overlooked showcases for the Wii, IMO), but I'm not sure how much more they can milk out of the series.