The NPD June 2009 Preview

NPD will report USA video game sales results for the five weeks ending July 4, 2009 at 6:30 PM EST. Vgchartz for the Americas region over the entire period is already available. Over the last several months, video game hardware and software sales have declined from the level achieved in 2008 during the same month.

This trend has continued into June 2009 even though software sales look stronger than May 2009, due to an extra week of data in the tracking period. Besides the increase in time though, there are simply a lot more titles which sold over 100,000 units in June 2009 than in May 2009. Hardware sales continue to decline though.

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vagisil3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

congrats nintendo, your handheld and console did well considering it was june.

microsoft- congrats you keep widening the lead over ps3 in north america. you have beaten the ps3 this gen.

well sony good showing. hopefully you will cut the price, or continue with good bundles, but i think it's fair to say that north america has given you, sony, the middle finger this gen. can't wait to see the final results of npd data for june.

The_Darkest_Red3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Man I am so over sales data. I guess for some people this stuff is just the only thing that interests them in gaming but for me it's bustin' caps in Killzone 2. :)

Seriously though, sales are not always correlated to the quality of a game. For instance, I doubt BlazBlue will ever sell as much as Street Fighter IV but it is (arguably) a better game. I think this logic applies to consoles as well, especially with the price factor considered. But lets avoid that topic, shall we? ;)

Monchichi0253472d ago

I would be sick of it to if everytime it came out it was a reality check into the fact that my system of choice wasn't doing as good as I thought! But for me, I still Love seeing them!

And you can argue that numbers aren't important to "TRUE" gamers but in acuality they kind of are. Sales numbers dictate A Lot for gamers such as exclusives from 3rd party gamers and futher games being developed for it. Now do you think Rockstar would have ever brought GTA to the 360 if it wasn't selling so much??? NO!!! So sales numbers SHOULD matter to Tru Gamers. More sales numbers= Better Game Choices!!!

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Dread3472d ago


according to the article

the Playstation 3 had a 60% drop in sales year to year in june

while the 360 had a 13% increase in sales year to year in the same period

spin that one SDF.

The_Darkest_Red3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Yes, I am a PS3 owner. More to the point, I am a gamer. Who happens to play games. Odd, I know.

Did it ever occur that maybe I could afford a 360 right now but I choose not to buy one anyway? Why would sales matter to me in that instance?

EDIT: At below, you are quick to generalize aren't you? I never said anything about the 360 "years ago" or whatever you guys are talking about. I honestly didn't care about sales then and I don't know. If I cared about sales I would say something smart like, PS3+PSP sales = more than 360 sales. Sony has a bigger market share of the gaming industry!

But I don't care. Go play your 360, I will go play my PS3. If the PS3 starts selling like crazy you won't hear a word from me. (Unless you keep this crap up)

EDIT 2: I like getting the first comment in on articles I think will be hot. Typical N4G strategy isn't it? The reason for my many comments, I am merely defending myself.

Strikepackage Bravo3472d ago

la chance you beat me to it, I was just going to say I could tell he was a PS3 owner after reading the first few words, yeah isn't it funny how PS3 fans think sales numbers are soooo stupid and useless suddenly.

That is until its time to claim that PS3 will rule the world in the end because 150million PS2 gamers are waiting in the wings for a price drop to all come out and buy PS3s in mass.

sak5003472d ago

"Man I am so over sales data. I guess for some people this stuff is just the only thing that interests them in gaming but for me it's bustin' caps in Killzone 2. :) "

And even with your lack of interest in sales data you'd come here to not only make the first comment but have 4 comments in this thread. Talk about hypocrisy. I haven't seen the figs yet and i'm sure your fav console is not doing too well.

EvilTwin3472d ago

A great game is going to be a great game, regardless of how many copies it sells. But no one can honestly deny that sales DO matter.

For example, Okami was a fantastic game. That it didn't sell that well doesn't detract from how great it was (and still is).

But that lack of sales pretty much sealed the fate for Clover studios, and now we'll never see a sequel.

The Master Chief3472d ago

"the Playstation 3 had a 60% drop in sales year to year in june

while the 360 had a 13% increase in sales year to year in the same period "

And of we weren't in a recession the 360 would be doing even better, people aren't buying a lot right now.

The_Darkest_Red3472d ago

Haha look at all these guys! It's like I poked a beehive! Anyway, I'm off to play Killzone 2. If anyone wants to play (if they aren't too busy spankin' it to sales numbers), hit me up. Cheers homies! ;)

PSN - The_Darkest_Red

NS3472d ago

It's like i never left N4G. I come back and people are still playing sales. Worst still imaginary sales some kid pull out of his ass on VGCrap!!.

You kids will never learn.

Wiinsight3472d ago

You are all missing the point. The Wii is not only OWNING both the 360 and PS3, it is setting the trends in gaming. Natal is notatall (hahahahahaha!!!!) the Wii, and never will be.

Monchichi and I are on the same page. More sales numbers = better games. That's why the top 2 games are Wii games and aren't even new releases.

Dread3472d ago


it amazes me how the sony fans come in here and criticize people who are discussing sales in an article about SALES.

what are we supposed to discuss bakery!

NS3472d ago

Yes the article is about sales or in this case imaginary sales. That is why i am in here to tell you folks its stupid or am i not allowed to state my opinion?. Sorry i didn't read the rule where i am only suppose to talk about sales in this sales article. Who the hell are you calling a PS fan?.

N4g_null3471d ago

NS you do realize that VGchartz corrects their estimate when they get NPD numbers right? I think you have a case of N4G gosple where a bunch of people said it here so you believe it. The numbers are pretty correct since they do get the NPD for video games.

Also sales do matter and they are the main reason why certain studio shut down and why HD gaming finally get a try at motion controls. I hope the next thing to happen is they actualy learn how to make fun games again.

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Nineball21123472d ago

I'm a bit surprised at the gap between Prototype and Infamous...

Yeah, I know one is multi-plat, but from personal experience, I've seen most ppl on my friend's list playing Infamous.

Yes, I DO realize that's not indicative of anything really, but I don't recall seeing anyone playing Prototype.

The official numbers come out later... I guess we'll see how close this estimate is.

heroicjanitor3472d ago

Including my self I know 6 people with infamous and 0 with prototype... then again I don't live in America.

The_Darkest_Red3472d ago

I'm gonna have to agree, I don't actually know anyone with Prototype and 3 with Infamous. After playing Infamous I just didn't feel like any other super hero game could compete. After watching gameplay videos of Prototype and reading reviews, my theory was confirmed (in my opinion, anyway).

GiantEnemyCrab3472d ago

Just kinda shows how insignificant N4G is in the big scheme of things. We tend to act like the gaming universe revolves around what we see and read here but we aren't that special. :(


Blogz4Fanboys3472d ago

have a bubble..

now i just wish all the stupid i love sony blogs would stop, and the sony fanboys would go away.

all the sh!t that gets wrote for/and on here changes nothing month in month out...when are these people going to realise it though.

ShabzS3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

yah i know only one guy who has prototype ... that too on pc through a torrent

N4g_null3471d ago

I'm thinking people should put a flag beside their name because that is not the case over here in America. The prototype art and ads even looks better than infamous over here. It's no wonder it sold more... infamous was a little boring in that department. Also prototype just sounds cooler.

Infamous sounds like a old womans tv drama soap woman's channel show. Not to rag on the game but that's what I'm hearing over here even from people at the studio.

I'm just going to take a guess most of the PS3 fans are from Europe right? If so then I understand why you guys like the PS3 more because you don't get to play the actually game but once it hits over here we get over them pretty quickly and then trade them in since gaming is pretty expensive with the recession going on you know.

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heroicjanitor3472d ago

Better lie low til this blows over

Nineball21123472d ago

I think I'm going to try to remember to compare this estimate with the actual NPD numbers and so how far off they are.

I know most everyone dislikes VGChartz and say they are WAAAAAY off.

I'm curious to see how these numbers pan out.