Four big name Xbox 360 games delayed until fall

According to Gametab, some of the most anticipated titles for the 360 are getting delayed: Mass Effect, Bioshock, Eternal Sonata, and Blue Dragon have all had their release dates pushed back to late summer/early fall.

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CrazzyMan4198d ago

and 3 multiplatforms like shadowrun and darkness/spiderman3? or i forgot something?
ah, Colin McRae Dirt , 2nd racing game.. =)

nice list... not much new games for first half year of 2007:
LP(multi), Crackdown, GRAW2(multi), forza2, C&C(multi), shadowrun(multi), darkness(multi), spiderman3(multi), Colin McRae Dirt(multi).

Leathersoup4197d ago

Wouldn't delaying Forza2 cause it to end up competing against Project Gotham 4? It's probably not in MSs best interest to do that. Obviously they play differently but for me a racing game is a racing game and if they're both out on the market at the same time, I'll probably buy one and wait for the other to come down in price before picking it up.

power of Green 4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

PC does not compete against consoles the only thing they have in common is that MS is allowing fans on both their formats to play with eachother. Its not like you're not waiting. lol

I'm sure theres hundreds of games i'v never heard of on the PC. Seems like 360 fans will be waiting in style vs what ever you're putting in your PS3.

zantetsuken4198d ago

Not exactly proven wrong. They're just stating that since there's been no set date, there is no delay. The game is still coming out in September, which sucks.

jwatt4198d ago

Is gonna try to do what Sony is doing, push their good titles to the fall so there will be more momentum after E3 and TGS.

Covenant4198d ago

You may be right.

However, four delayed games from a 360 owner's perspective:

[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected], &
[email protected]

IPlayGames4198d ago

MS is always trying to do what sony does.

kewlkat0074198d ago

there must be some type of strategy or conspiracy involved...When am I going to have time to play all those games come winter time? Oh you bet a Halo 3 delay will be in there too, I just can't see all of them games coming out around the same dates.

Well back to Zelda Wiiiiiii...

XxZxX4198d ago

I believe it's a strategy. If I'm the gaming company, i would want my Products to be launch near holiday season, you get extra holiday sales boost. I dont see anything wrong with that, it just mean it's going to be a good 07 holiday :D.

Firewire4198d ago

I think MS is doing this as a sales tactic, releasing their "hit" part of this years line up through the fall & winter. An excellent tactic, as the PS3 has no real historical "console selling game" (see God of War, MGS4, Tekken, Twisted Metal type) in the first half of this year, so MS doesn't have to come up with heavy hitters in 1/2 of the year, although it will be curious to see both Lair's (July) then Heavenly Sword (Sept) effect on PS3 console sales, particularly HS, as it could be a huge hit in Asia, especialy & more importantly Japan going into the holiday season.

I also think there is another reason why they might be perfectly willing to stock up on the 2nd half of the year, to allow the dev's more time to polish up their games before some of the bigger Sony titles come out, like MGS4, Killzone 2, Tekken 6.

All in all a smart move by MS! We will have to wait and see what Sony or for that matter Nintendo does!

Eldyraen4198d ago

If its true, I can't really complain--more time to optimize good games the better. Plenty of 'rentals' coming out this summer for me, not to mention a few buys (The Darkness especially and more than likely Overlord and Two Worlds--not to mention I have to buy Spider-man 3 this May as I spent more time on #2 than most other xbox games) even if these are delayed.

Perhaps the loss of 'summer exclusives' might affect some people but I'm still more than likely going to be having a blast with multi-platform as well as console-exclusives.

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