TotallyGN: Hands-on with Trine

TotallyGN: "Somewhere around the turn of the millennium, Platform games seemed to fall out of favour. Despite one or two nicely crafted titles appearing once in a blue moon since, it seems to have taken the release of MediaMolecule's LittleBigPlanet to inject more life into this ailing genre...

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TotallyGN3470d ago

It's about time we saw some more platform games being rolled out.

Chubear3470d ago

Great looking game. Looking forward to getting it but I read something on some other forum that got me really thinking. See, I could actually create levels just like in this game in Little Big Planet, just like that.

I could be playing this game and think "uhm, it would be cool if this or that was right here" and could do a similar level on LBP and game. The amazement of LBP is incredible.