Eternal Sonata also coming to the PS3?

The ESRB is bustling with rumors today with Tron, Art of Fighting and also Eternal Sonata. Way back at Tokyo Game Show 2006 Namco Bandai announced Eternal Sonata (aka Trusty Bell: Chopin's Dream in Japan) as an Xbox 360 title. According to the ESRB it looks like Eternal Sonata is coming out for the Playstation 3 too. Thinking back to the announcement, Namco Bandai never said that Eternal Sonata was an Xbox 360 exclusive, they just mentioned it was in development for the 360. There is a chance that Eternal Sonata might get a dual release 360/PS3 release, but another possibility is Eternal Sonata will be a time exclusive game on the Xbox 360 similar to Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. If Eternal Sonata really is coming out for both the PS3 and the X360 would that change your mind about buying an Xbox 360 or encourage you to purchase a Playstation 3?

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XxZxX4194d ago

Hmmmmmmmmm well it's not surprising that Namco chose to publish on PS3 as well, after all PS3 may have higher RPG demographic gamers.

ChaosKnight4194d ago

I'm not too surprised if it's true. As much as this is my most anticipated game thus far... I don't mind it going to the Playstation 3 as long as Namco makes more multi-platform RPG's =D! Broaden the audience, come on Tales hehe.

I would think Namco would make an announcement of moving it to the PS3 after the 360 launch cuz it is looking fairly big in Japan. Anyways, as long as I still can play it on the 360 I'm happy =D

kewlkat0074194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

I'm not sure which one comes out first Blue Dragon or this one. Eitherway I need an RPG to sink my teeth into. I have a 360 and thats what I will purchase it for, simple as 123.

Now NAMCO when will I see Soul CAliber 4? Not the last POS for the PS2 you put out, that was a dissappointment. Still my favorite fighting game besides, MK, and street fighter.

CrazzyMan4194d ago

"Forgot to comment about that if it does come out on the ps3, the Blu-ray disc may make way for enough room for them to include a japanese language track w/ subs for those who prefer it."
That nice too. =)

bootsielon4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

More disc space, more cut-scenes, less disc swapping, trophies, and so on.

I knew this was gonna happen. This game NEVER hit the top 10 in famitsu, a magazine for japanese hardcore gamers, and if the hardcore in japan doesn't really want a game oriented towards them, it's guaranteed to not move Xbox 360 from where it's standing.

Just like Kingdom Hearts for the Wii makes a lot of sense right now (even if they never make it), this game made more sense on PS3. I somehow hope that Mistwalker, which is not owned by Microsoft (at least not yet and I hope they never become), ports their games to PS3, sooner or later. That way there's no need to swap discs for Blue Dragon ;)

And by the way, I thought this game was going to move a lot of 360s and slowly turn it into an RPG console, but it seems that it won't. The exclusive JRPGs left for Xbox 360 are: Culcept Saga (likely to be ported to PS3 too), Cry On, Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey (one can hope Mistwalker has some business sense though, but that's unlikely; or likely if Microsoft infuses them with a lot more cash or buys them out).

PS3's "remaining" (likely to remain) JRPG exclusives: FFXIII, FFVersusXIII, FolksSoul, White Knight Story, Monster Hunter 3. Perhaps FF "haeresis" XIII too, unless it's multiplatform, but it's unlikely to be a 360 exclusive. Perhaps Kingdom Hearts 3 and Dragon Quest X too.

Both now have Enchanted Arms and Eternal Sonata, and possibly soon Culcept Saga. Mistwalker, $$$$ is calling you!!!! One can dream, can't one?

Sevir044193d ago

would love to play both BG, and LO on ps3 that aint happening simply because MS is the one publishing those titles. not to mention that Mistwalker's Sakeguchi-san wasn't impressed with the ps3 when he did his trail with it. i guess he it was too hard for him or it just's not easy for him to developer for like the 360 is... more than likely would if we want to play both BG and LO we'd have to buy a 360 and at tht point i'll just borrow my friends and rent both games from Gamefly and play it on his rather than purchase a 360... i am gonna do that for Mass Effect and Too Human.

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