GoFanboy Reviews NCAA Football 10 for PS3

Jonathan Lynch writes: " For a sports game to truly succeed, it must have the ability to pull in both sports fans and gamers. And it has to do this whether or not the fan of one is a fan of the other.

NCAA Football has proven to have this ability for years, as I remember playing each yearly edition with my older brother. We had a bitter rivalry between Houston and Notre Dame – back then they were both actually good at football. You see, even though my brother didn't like games that much, and I wasn't really into sports (at the time), we met in the middle due to NCAA's ability to offer something for both of us. ..."

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Maddens Raiders3472d ago

and break out the 'Horns. I've played the demo & I'm picking the game up today.

GunShotEddy3472d ago

The whole Big 12 better look out for Griffin (#10) and the revamped Baylor Bears! I'm on my way to GameStop right now.