Added idol may indicate new Day of the Tentacle release(s)

Destructoid writes: Get ready to be really excited Day of the Tentacle fans.

Take a close look at the Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition snapshot in the header image. The Tentacle idol featured in the center shouldn't exist. It wasn't included in the original PC release of the title (something anyone can easily check by fiddling with the visual toggle). Interestingly, the Tentacle idol -- which we can only assume is the dreaded Purple Tentacle -- is replacing two other LucasArts characters: Sam and Max.

What does this mean? There's a couple of likely avenues to explore: LucasArts is hinting at a new release of either Maniac Mansion or Day of the Tentacle or TellTale Games (creators of the episodic Sam & Max series) is indeed working on an episodic series revolving around Day of the Tentacle."

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Connoro3470d ago

I loved Day of the Tentacle. I hope this is really happening. :3