Joystiq - Interview: Remedy's Oskari Hakkinen on Alan Wake

Joystiq writes: "Now that Alan Wake is officially out of hiding, we decided it was time to hit up Remedy for some info. Thankfully, Remedy only slammed the door on us a few times before finally acquiescing to our request for an interview. Foot planted firmly in the doorway, we had a chance to ask Oskari Häkkinen, Head of Franchise Development, a few questions. Read on to learn about the game's shift from open-world to a more linear adventure, choosing a writer as the protagonist and just what you'll be doing when you aren't killing monsters with a flashlight. Also, because we just had to know, find out what Remedy thinks of the new Max Payne."

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Funqy3470d ago

I don't feel as left in the dark about this game, this is was announced quite awhile ago. Good info there.

Ziriux3470d ago

I'm happy to see all the Alan Wake coverage, it's not over hyped anymore.

Wonderfulwest3470d ago

not really intrested with this game. but it does look good

Gamer_Politics3470d ago

well since Max Payne has be pushed back Rockstar should just ask Remedy to come back and finish off the whole story

Ziriux3470d ago

I certainly think that would be for the best. I don't know if I can trust rock star with the Max Payne franchise.

iChaos Amongus3470d ago

Alan Wake started as an open-world game, but is now more linear for the sake of story progression. Yet, you've said that you want players to feel like they are making their own choices. How will you accomplish this?

"Alan Wake is built from the ground up on open world technology, however this is not a sandbox game. In order to deliver a strong story driven experience we opted quite early on in the design process for a more linear structure which supports the story driven experience. We've always wanted to give the player the best possible roller coaster ride through the game and the thriller story is our way of doing it. Having said that, the world is huge and episodes are played out in large areas of the world. The player should not feel like he's being pulled by a string. Players make decisions and have plenty of exploration opportunities should they wish to look and dig further into the game, meet the locals and find hidden extra to uncover more of the mystery."

It still sounds like there is room for plenty of exploration and it will be huge and open world, they just want a tight-knit story in there as well and if you just driving cars around like in GTA, you cant get that.

I can't wait to see how this one turns out

Ziriux3470d ago

Yea, I'm wondering the same thing. Especially on a console, especially if you want to have good graphics.

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