Blu-ray spending up 91% in 2009 to $407 Million

Spending on Blu-ray Disc software was up 91% in the first half of 2009 to $407 million, according to today's mid-year report from DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group (

That's even more notable in the context of the overall market for packaged media, which was down 3.9% to $9.73 billion, and a whopping 13.5% in the sellthrough category alone. Those numbers would have been much worse had it not been for Blu-ray, which saw a 62% increase in rentals, driving that category up 8.3% overall.

Also propping up the numbers was a 21% increase in digital distribution to $968 million, including $196 million for electronic sellthrough.

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shocky163470d ago

I love blu-ray movies, the picture quality is immense.

Anon19743470d ago

I thought Blu-Ray was doomed.
It's funny. I just took a trip down memory lane and read some old articles about Blu-Ray from about a year ago. Man, did people ever hate it for some reason. I wonder what those people are hating now?

Pennywise3470d ago

Really, nothing compares to the quality. Even with HD Cable you get distortion and sub-par sound.

sack_boi3470d ago

You post the same sh!t at every Bluray article

darthv723470d ago

Does this indicate bluray as a whole which would encompass movies as well as games? Basically anything that is available on a bluray disc?

I know I havent been getting movies but I do buy games. Does that count for supporting the format or do I have to buy movies to count?

Anon19743470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

After having to endure 2 years of "Blu-Ray is Doomed" articles it still brings a smile to my face every time I see good news reported. Ultimately it didn't matter to me if Blu-Ray or HD-DVD came out on top, but so many were so adamant that Blu-Ray would fail, and why? What personal stake did any of them have in it if one succeeded over the other? I just think it's funny, that's all.

Nice to see you make everyone feel like their opinions are welcome on these forums. Way to add to the decorum of the community.

TheAntiFanboy3470d ago

The picture quality is only better because it has more space. Big deal. *shrug* Anything that can fit an HD movie will look crystalline superb.

Greywulf3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

because they certainly pretended they could see the awesome quality of HD-DVD LOL. When that blew up on re-entry they then pretended digital downloads will have better quality than a disc...?

Its like bizzaro world.

If you want the best quality, its only on bluray. Its a luxury item at this point. If you cant afford it, then compressed HD with low data rates is your only option.


"The picture quality is only better because it has more space. Big deal. *shrug*"

Well, thats the reason you upgrade to media with more space. When your reach the limit of one, you move to the next. Did you think DVD space vs CD space wasn't a big deal either?

Hes only rich because he has more money! 0_o

Nineball21123470d ago

As strange as it may sound... I wonder if the recession is having a postive impact on blu-ray sales?

I mean, would you rather spend $12 on a movie ticket for a movie you get to see once, plus the money on the candy and drinks, plus the gas money to get there...

Or would you rather spend $20 - $25 on a blu-ray and watch it as many times as you would like, in your own home?


Greywulf3470d ago

I think its because they are releasing digital copies w/hd movie for free.

You get your 1080p movie when you want to sit down and watch @ home, then you have the digital copy for your computer/whatever.

Ramtough3470d ago

Don't people realize Redray is really where it's at?! Morons.

Toenado3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Also the sound quality on blu ray is superb allowing for 3 lossless audio formats.

JBaby3433470d ago

Strange I could have sworn lots of people said this was going to wither and die :P

darthv723470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Some of you dont know how to separate fanboy logic from common sense logic. IQ for both HDDVD and Blu are "virtually" identical. The advantage that blu had over the former is in the AQ department. More space...less compression for audio systems. The variations in bitrate for the IQ is almost negligible.

You also have to understand one of the (if not THE) main reasons blu won out was simply support. You have to figure Sony threw out the name playstation to the studios as a lure to get the backing. I can almost guaranty the selling point was from the notion of Sony saying "your movies will sell over the competitor due to the overwhelming popularity of the playstation brand". The trojan horse of the PS3 seemed to be the main focus at the time. Prices of regular players are down considerably. I seen a Magnavox blu player for $98 at wal-mart.

I enjoy the quality of both formats and now more than ever with the price of hddvd movies at or around $5 ea. Sure there wont be any new releases but I am looking at the ones currently available and in comparison to their blu brethren and you see the likes of the harry potter films, heroes, transformers, 300 and other higher profile movies that are dirt cheap next to the blu versions.

I can say that if the studios want to sell more blu movies, they need to adjust the availability of regular dvd versions. Possibly make it where the dvd is released a week later than the blu. This would be a risky move but could start a trend turning more people on to the hd format.

Possibly eliminating the release of a sd version of a movie alltogether. would need a very high profile movie to really make that happen. It cant be something that is already out (obviously) like the LotR series. It would need to be a big release like maybe Tranformers 2 or Star Trek. With only the blu version available, and people wanting to buy, elimination of choice could entice more people to adopt the format faster.

rockleex3470d ago

How much money Sony makes from Bluray sales?

JonnyBigBoss3470d ago

I'm not sure if immense was the right word, but the quality is pretty ridiculous. You can see the pores on an actor's skin. Really insane for movies like Dark Knight.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

all the professional analysts wearing hddvd undershirts said bluray is a massive failure.

@1.15: yeah i think the word he was looking for is:

unmatched, unrivaled, or sonys own slogan: "like no other"

pixelsword3470d ago

I've never heard one person regret that their PS3 also played Blu-Ray Discs.

onanie3470d ago

Woah Darth, a bit touchy there, aren't you?

At the time of your last comment, no one had made any accusation that blu-ray was better than HD-DVD. So, why your unsolicitated assertion of otherwise?

Blu-ray IS the only format around at this time, so naturally the provider of best image quality at this time. Normally, such comments shouldn't have garnered a negative response, even from diehard HD-DVD fans.

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Anon19743470d ago

It always brings a smile to my face when I see the Nature Boy's comments.

mrv3213470d ago

BLU-RAY IS DOOMED LOOK AT THE SALES FIGUR... oh wait... quickly bash Sony on something else... PS3 is Doo.. oh wait that's doing surprisingly well... PSP is doo... well actually it sold 50 million units. Sony is doing rather well? Let's hope Sony release something new so we can bash it before it comes out and we've used it in order to have a negative effect on sales and claim it's doomed.

TheAntiFanboy3470d ago

How about SOE? The Matrix Online, Star Wars Galaxies: epic commercial failures.


lol jk I'm just having fun, <3 Sony :D

rockleex3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

1 million users within 2 weeks of release, totally shattering all MMORPG records before it. 4 million users within 2 months. Epic fail?

Btw, its coming to PS3 soon too. PS3 will add 2-3 million users easily. Then those 1 million or so constant Home users will likely eat it up and pay for a lot of stuff.

MAiKU3470d ago

haha ownege on ownege??? nonsense!!!

Kamikaze1353470d ago

I'm just waiting for the retail value to drop a bit before starting a collection =/