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CloudR of Gameolosophy writes -

"I played the recent Sandbox game inFAMOUS to death. Read on as I review what could be the Sony exclusive of 2009."

"Being a hero is optional. That line infuses you with excitement doesn't it? Would you like to save the world or terrorize its inhabitants? But there lies the very problem; it's either one or the other."

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The Obvious3471d ago

This is not the first inFAMOUS review to be posted on this site.

Mr_Bun3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

This is my comment

Pennywise3471d ago

Probably not the last one either.

Its hot outside in Florida.

ShadowMantis3471d ago

The digitally animated guy looks hot,tee hee,(don't tell my BF!)