Rumor Killers: Tomb Raider Reboot, Resident Evil 5 Wii, and PSP2's Crazy Specs

TheGameReviews writes: "With the release of some intriguing concept art from a mysterious mole within Eidos – or should that be Square-Enix Europe now – the Internet rumor mill went into frenzy at the sight of potentially new, very different-looking Tomb Raider. It looks to be a total reboot for the series; the game will be open-world rather than linearly constrained like previous titles, and the concept art suggests a wide array of new weapons to offer more creativity to its combat."

This week: Is there a Tomb Raider reboot on the way? Will Resident Evil 5 come to the Wii? Are the alleged PSP2 specs at all plausible?

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cain1413476d ago

It would make sense for Tomb Raider to get a reboot... I'd like a good Tomb Raider. Until then, at least I have Uncharted.

SirLarr3476d ago

I thought that the series was rebooted when they gave it back to Crystal Dynamics.

SlamVanderhuge3476d ago

I think that the Tomb Raider series does need a reboot (was a bit disappointed in Underworld) but I don't know if open world is the way to go.

shoinan3475d ago

But the series does need a reboot ... again.

Haly3476d ago

I'm a bit wary of an Open World Tomb Raider, it could be good, but I'm worried the story may end up too weak because of it.
I'd love to see Resident Evil 5 on the Wii at some point though, but can't see it for a while yet.

iTZKooPA3476d ago

Does everyone forget that Tomb Raider was just recent;y rebooted? I do agree that open world is a questionable choice...stick to the franchise's roots and just make it a more polished title with a solid story. The old formula is fine!

SirLarr3476d ago

All of those specs on the PSP2 are possible, but Sony would be downright retarded if they haven't learned that specs don't equal sales by now. Nintendo's pushing incredibly dated hardware with the DS and Wii extremely well. Sony doesn't really have anything to gain by making a handheld that stresses specs over features.

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The story is too old to be commented.