Qore: One Year (and one month) Later

ZTGD takes a look at Sony's subscription-based digital magazine and find out how it stacks up after the first $24.99 has been exhausted. Is it still worth the price of admission? Cat says "yes".

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Silly gameAr3471d ago

Qore is definitely worth the money in my opinion. I have like tree or four more episodes before I have to renew. I think it was $24.99 well spent.

Chubear3471d ago

Awesome feature Sony presented with this gaming E-mag. Sony may not own this but the fact that they can help bring optional content like this to their base is fantastic.

If you love an E-mag like Qore then you pay a small fee to have that experience however if you want a free E-mag then Sony's got you covered as well like Pulse.

It's great to have TRUE options :)

Nineball21123471d ago

I respect your opinion but I don't think it's worth it. It IS cool to see some of the insider information that Qore presents, but almost all of it can be found elsewhere in the interwebs for free.

It's really NOT that expensive, but I just feel like I can spend that money better elsewhere. Actually, I have a subscription to P:TOM and they had several months in a row where they gave a free code in the back for that month's Qore episode.

I dunno... Maybe I'll take the plunge and buy a whole year's worth before too long.


FamilyGuy3470d ago

everything that came to annual subscribers this year i'd say "no friggin duh"

Lets see if subscribers get MAG beta codes, chances are they will.

Silly gameAr3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )


I hear you man. I subcribe to PTOM too.The only problem with the free code is you don't get the extra content for free.

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Jampy1513471d ago

Qore is definitely worth that price I have been in like 3 betas and 4 free games in a year plus the info videos are really nice

Socomer 19793471d ago

Glad its not mandatory to play online.
ps3 has made me into a texting wizard. yup. im a texter.

join my chatroom cross game and let the good times roll.

kingme713471d ago

Ah, I'm in between on its value. The content is interesting in that it delves further into games that are well covered on the internet already, but I'm through it in about 20-30 minutes. The betas and DLC aren't bad if they are up your alley. Veronica isn't too hard on the eyes either :). I find I'm not that eager to check out each months issue as I was at the start, but it does have some value.

GiantEnemyCrab3471d ago

I think Sony has a winner with Qore. I like it and think the sub has paid for itself with betas, free games and themes but the last 2 issues have been a bit of a let down.

I expected a lot more E3 goodness and the reason June was delayed was because they said they wanted to add a bunch of E3 stuff but in the end there wasn't much at all.

Silly gameAr3470d ago

Agreed GEC. I thought it would be more too. But, Pulse was good enough for the Sony presentation. Wasn't that in depth, but not bad.