Why Alan Wake Will Make It To PC

NowGamer: We examine the evidence supporting a PC version of Remedy's long-awaited action game

It has been widely reported that the PC version of Alan Wake has been shelved, but in an email to NowGamer, a spokesperson for Remedy has confirmed that no firm decision has been taken:

"To clarify, we are currently working exclusively on the Xbox360 version of Alan Wake. PC plans are currently undecided, and therefore it's safe to say that a simultaneous launch with the Xbox version will not happen."

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Sonyslave33472d ago

MS will bring ALan Wake to pc don't worry ps3fans yall get to play this game down the road.

coolirisGB3472d ago

Because you wish it to come to PC?

shocky163472d ago

Microsoft don't do PC gaming any more, they've closed down most of their PC gaming studios and that last game they published for PC was Gears of War or something.

Looks like the pirates have truly killed PC gaming.

xbox360achievements3472d ago

I agree mostly and you only have to look at their track record recently:

Halo 2 on PC, Halo 3 not.
Fable on PC, Fable 2 not.
Gears of War on PC, Gears of War 2 not.

Truth is, Microsoft wants true exclusives like Sony have on the PS3. Reasons to shift a console, not reasons to play it elsewhere.

KionicWarlord2223472d ago

"Alan wake will see the light of day on 2010"

- Sam lake

Mr.Mister3472d ago

why alan wake will make it to pc?
no question will be why would people want this game on pc?
and you know why ^_~