5 Things We Want in the Next Dashboard Update

From the feature editorial:

"At last year's E3, Microsoft announced that a new update for the Xbox 360 would come out called the New Xbox Experience (NXE). Featuring an overhauled aesthetic and the ability to take advantage of the Netflix streaming video service, it was easily one of the biggest announcements at the Microsoft press conference. While it isn't exactly 'new' anymore, the NXE has become part of most Xbox users' lexicon as an alternative word for what it actually is: an updated dashboard. And, while the update improved some problematic areas and created a whole bunch of new ones, it was generally received well critically.

With E3 a thing of the past and no news regarding the 360's inevitable, next software update, one can only guess what could be in store for the Xbox community. While it may not be a complete revamping of the current system, there are still some major changes we would like to see when we boot up our Xbox next year."

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Nelson M3475d ago

Like a 3 minute warning would be Good
You Know
You got 3 mins before your Xbox Explodes

Valkyrie833475d ago

Now that would be cool, like a "red ring of death" countdown, right right?

danthaman153475d ago

Just stay out of the Open zone, they made it for fanboys so they would stay out of the gamer zone. now you get banned if you post fanboy sh*t in the gamer zone, which keeps the site under control.

UltimaEnder3475d ago

I like 3/5 on the list, some are not really that important to me; I can't wait to be able to instantly choose your Netflix movies from the Xbox 360 menu; I'm sure Microsoft will do wonders with the next update; I can't wait, good article.....

Jockamo3475d ago

I agree. I actually spent all day at work adding to my Watch Instantly Queue. I think I'm up to 150 movies added today. ;)

Lelouch V Brit3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

No Ads!!!

TheBrit3475d ago

When I sign in I have to go through the process of showing off line etc before signing in. I prefer not to immediately show on line so I can pick my battles and not worry about getting multiple different game requests etc.

I want to show offline all the time until I decide to show online. But its always annoying to have to go through the dash to change this each time before signing in.

Rockox3475d ago

It's a royal pain having to swich your online status every time before you log in. Another thing I'd like to see is the option to block certain people on your friends list from seeing if you're online or not.

The Netflix thing doesn't matter to me in the least, coz we don't get the option up here in Canada.

Off-topic: Has anyone noticed that if you go to your friends list, it will show the last activity a certain friend was doing, but if you look up the same friend under another friend's friends list, it will reveal more recent activity? Like if they've since logged onto after logging off their console, the login to will only show up under a friend's friends list, not your own friends list. What's up with that?

Btw, if anyone can understand what I just said up there, bravo.

Xi3475d ago

MS needs to take a page out of apples book and work with the XNA creators club like apple did with the app store. They also need to make the XNA about more then just games.

I'd also like to see an Live DJ channel that allows people to stream music from an xbox to other people's xbox in game, and have an ingame radio station like They could also have special live DJ evens and stuff too.

Gen0ne3475d ago

That's some nifty thinking. I would appreciate something like that. Yeah, MS. Add that too.

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