Avoiding the lazy way out: Behind Ghostbusters on the Wii

Ars Technica writes: Ghostbusters on the Nintendo Wii offers a brand-new art style and control scheme, and those things separate the title from most games on the system. Ars Technica speaks to the studio behind the game to find out how such madness was achieved.

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PhDInParapsychology3478d ago

Red Fly really seems to understand the concept of making a game "fit" on Wii. So many developers are pumping out mediocre products in hope of making a quick buck, that it's nice to see some actually tailoring games to the Wii's strengths.

SpoonyRedMage3478d ago

Well, they seem to know what they're talking about and how to make a game actually work on the Wii. It's actually nice to see some publishers are not trying to down port.

EA for one is making NFS: Nitro for the Wii and DS(two separate versions) and Shift for the PS360(/PC?). It shows that they are trying to get unique games and utilise the uniqueness of the Wii.