TGR: The Grinder Hands-On Preview "The Wii's Left 4 Dead?"

High Voltage Software surprised a lot of E3 show goers with the company's mature themed FPS, The Conduit. This shooter brought some very impressive graphics and multiplayer features for the Wii, as well as one of the most customizable interface and control setups outside of PC gaming. All of this tech and more has been rolled in to the firm's follow-up FPS, The Grinder, which High Voltage showed behind closed doors. Thankfully, we had the key.

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SlamVanderhuge3478d ago

Sounds somewhat interesting, but The Conduits tepid reception and the fact that this looks a whole lot like Legendary makes me worry.

shoinan3478d ago

When you hear people describe The Conduit as "a good shooter - by the Wii's standards", it doesn't fill with you confidence that this will be anything more than a "A good Left 4 Dead clone - by the Wii's standards".

Haly3478d ago

Looks an interesting concept. Be interesting to see if it actually works though ;)

Seferoth753478d ago

cant wait.Conduit is all the proof I need that the only next gen shooters are on Wii.Grats toHVS for making a game that fanboys cant stop trying to trash.Thats when you know you did a good job when others feel the need to act so juvenile over a game for a console they dont own..Good sales so far too.exceeded the last ultra hyped PS3 game last month

Snipes203478d ago

Sure the controls are great, but the level designs were subpar, the story was weak and not expanded enough, the enemies were repetitive and relatively stupid and regardless of excuses the game, overall, was generic. I don't care if they were replicating all of DC, they could have at least been more imaginative. It was a good solid game, but it is by no means proof that HVS brought Wii owners up to speed with other shooters regardless of their commendable effort and enthusiasm.

Can they learn from their mistakes and will it make the Grinder better? I sure hope so. Seferoth, try not to lash out and people will respect you more for it.

Gr813478d ago

But that is besides the point. I agree that level design was lacking but you can't just marginalize the control freedom and precedent they've acheived with The Conduit. Also Multiplayer is awesome, and worthy of purchase on that merit alone. The singleplayer is not as weak as people claime, and it is really just practice for the online battles to come.

I feel HVS went conservative with The Conduit though, and I am looking forward to how far they push their engine and themselves to create a fuller more complete experience.

The other things you mentioned like weak story..that seems a bit like a weak negative. Most videogame storylines in general are weak, Conduits no exception but neither are the other "generic shooters" on the other platforms.

Snipes203478d ago

The story wasn't terrible, it just wasn't implemented well. The amount of conspiracy theory they packed into the game goes beyond the average amount, but the way they presented it doesn't appeal to a lot of people. Also, the way the story unfolded during the mission was a bit underwhelming. Every 5-10 minutes, someone would say something to Ford and then it would die out as quickly as it came. I understand the single player isn't as terrible as some would have you believe, but it just feels so basic sometimes that I personally get a bit frustrated with it.

The advances HVS made with the controls and online are definitely great. I have one trivial gripe, though. If Metroid Prime Hunters allowed a rivals list to at least work around friend codes (and this was made in-house by Nintendo), why can't HVS implement that? It sure would help people connect to others they liked playing against without going online to a message board.

Your right, I shouldn't scold another person, I just wish some people who enjoy the Wii wouldn't make it so easy for other people to call them fanboys.

EvilTwin3478d ago

I agree with Arius on plot -- outside of Bioshock, there's a whole lot of "meh" in current-gen FPS storylines. It's not like Halo's story was Chaucer.

And no one seemed to mind repetitive enemies in a game like No More Heroes (or countless other shooters, for that matter).

The enemy AI is dumb...early in the game. Once you have to start clearing out Drudge, the difficulty ramps up (I like how the main criticism on them is "well sure they hide behind cover, but they come out to shoot instead of just blindly shooting from behind a wall" -- if that's such a big criticism, we're beginning to nitpick).

HVS did make an average overall shooter, but they also set the bar for FPS control. When another dev sets a new standard for graphics, even if the gameplay comes up short, people lavish praise on the great eye candy. Yet the same doesn't hold true for a breakthrough in FPS control. Why?

All of that said...I'm worried about Grinder. It looks like they're trying to cross L4D with HotD: Overkill. That just doesn't sound terribly compelling to me. It's kinda making me get more hyped about Gladiator A.D., tbh.

Gr813478d ago

FC's can be a bit of an annoyance, but there is a reason that was implemented as well. Some of the larger companies like EA, for example can bypass FC's because they have their own servers and whatnot. HVS doesn't have that luxury, but what can you do?

I don't think Conduit is AAA calibur..whatever AAA is but it does get a lot of things right, and alot of things not so right. But considering it is a new IP from a somewhat young development team, they've really done quite well. I'd say the game falls in the 8 range. As again, that multiplayer is crack.

As for fanboys and all that jazz..I say whatever, the term is usually just thrown around all willy nilly anyway just because of differing opinions on gaming companies, nothing you can do about that. Like me for example, I stay on the Wii news section because I have no interest in the other consoles, so I don't follow the games or bickering that goes on in those sections. But Wii sections are litered with comments from folks who supposedly hate the Wii, for whatever reason. This is why Sef does what he does. I guess its a hate it or love it sort of thing.

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iTZKooPA3478d ago

If they make The Grinder as good as the multiplayer in The Conduit then I am totally sold.

SirLarr3478d ago

Quality of the game notwithstanding, that is an excellent title.

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