Citroën Brings GT From PlayStation to Pavement

In a case of life imitating a video game, Citroën has confirmed that it will build an extremely low-volume production version of the GT originally created for the PlayStation 3 racing sim Gran Turismo 5.

Revealed as a concept car at last year's Paris Auto Show, the GT was penned by PSA Peugeot-Citroën designer Takumi Yamamoto in a tie in with the virtual car available to players of GT5. Now, AutoCar and other sources have confirmed that six - count 'em, six – examples of the carbon-fiber bodied beauty will be built and sold for about $2 million.

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XLiveGamer3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

NICE ! but... Citroen... What about a nice spoiler back there? uh?!
oh and wazzup with that front? The sides of the car looks gorgeous but that nose??? Now show me the car using the devils dress RED!

ooohh you got to love that sound!

But once again PUT A DAMN SPOILER ON IT!


SimonSaysBuyPs33471d ago

Everyones got their opinion, but its a flush car, nothing looks like its been stuck on to it, a spoiler would do just that. Anyway, im sure its got enough downforce already