First Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines trailer "Ubisoft has just released the first trailer of Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines, an exclusive game for the PlayStation Portable. The game will be released later this year."

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morganfell3472d ago

Sweet. Altair returns...only on the PSP.

raztad3472d ago

Never played the first one. I heard it was too repetitive. If AC2 is good I'll get it along with Bloodlines.

Btw, Bloodlines looks amazing. My psp is getting so many awesome games, it's hard to keep pace with so many psp and ps3 games coming one right behind the other.

morganfell3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

It was repeptitive in certain respects. It was also channelized at particular points. But that did not stand in the way of it being a worthwhile game to play.

And look at the disagrees. Apparently someone thinks that Altair is returning on another platform. Ha ha. Watching jealous people demonstrate their angst has it's own flavor of humor.

Traveler3472d ago

This game looks incredible. I think it might set a new graphical bar on the PSP.

I'm a huge Assassin's Creed fan and it looks like Ubisoft is holding nothing back and is giving us a full Assassin's Creed experience. I thought it might be a simplistic, watered down game, but this blows me away. It looks much like its older siblings and I can't wait to play it.

Day one for me. I can't believe the number of awesome games we are getting on the PSP.

Ozzyb3472d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. Waaaaay more excited after seeing this. From passing interest because I loved AC1, to enthusiasm.

SevWolf3472d ago

@ raztad: I suggest you get the first, yes it is repetitive and may get boring and bla bla bla...whatever its one of those game which HAS to be tried at least once, I recommend you rent it, also if you have a psp get this and link it up to your PS3, you'll get exclusive weapons, not sure the amount but its a lot.
@ traveler: yup, looks like ubisoft are starting to pick, now about graphical bar, it looks great, Gran turismo looks great, LBP looks great, MGS peacewalker looks fantastically great(I love the fact it has gameplay like MGS 4 :)), hmmm..hard to see which one will look the

JoySticksFTW3472d ago

but after FF:CC and GoW:CoP, why should I or anyone doubt PSP prowess

Hey, weren't there some articles a while back claiming PSP was dying?


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Socomer 19793472d ago

my god has the psp just jumped up in the graphics department.
have you noticed how good the last games few games have looked?

resistance retribution
combat ops
monster hunter

the graphics on these games are really good looking.
im a proud psp gamer and i have a bright future ahead of me.

SevWolf3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

I agree 100000000%, I can't believe I am saying this, but i'm really impressed with the psp lately, might have to buy(probably the GO dk yet :)), but still MGS Peace Walker remains on of the most impressive looking games ive seen(depending on the platform it's in), I mean it looked like MGS 3 snake eater, and that's just amazing, also Gran Turismo, maaan great line up, its also getting GTA and LBP, man im definitely getting one, but you know what's missing, a game like Scribblenauts :(, ill just borrow my friends DS
woah..on topic: looks very interesting sorry got carried away, from my envy of all PSP owners :D
EDIT: does anybody know when the expected release date is?

JuJuRMJ3472d ago

Too many great titles arriving on the PSP, I will have just have to buy myself a new one since my launch PSP died months ago, I mean how can you not? I certainly won't want to miss out on great games like this one and GT, LBP, etc..

zok3103472d ago for me, no more getting in my car and driving to gamestop to pick up a PSP game, no more stupid pre-orders, no more " sorry we are sold out" no more waiting in lines at wal-mart or Best Buy, and best of all, no more UPS and FED EX shipping fees. PSP GO! FTW.

Oh, and no more skipping 1/2 hour lunch at work to pick up or buy a PSP game.

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