Best Buy PS3 Blu-ray SKU outsells MGS4, Killzone 2 Pack

Best Buy Co. Inc.'s exclusive Blu-ray bundle for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 is outselling a new bundle that includes two action titles in its online division.

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Chubear3472d ago

Sooo, Sony's PS3 is selling like crazy with a bundle of one game and one movie and it's other bundle of 2 games is right next to it in sales... b-u-t this is bad cause the one with a movie in it is selling PS3s :X

... uhmmm ok. lol

Dread3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

I am not saying that i agree,

but i guess the point is that this demonstrates that lots of people buy the Playstation 3 for blue-ray to watch movies first and to play games second.

again, i do not necessarily agree, but there is no denying that, if true, it is somewhat indicative of a preference.

i mean can someone explain to me why a real gamer will prefer the bundle that does not include some of the top AAA sony titles for this generation?



i am not hating so back off

and good point.. i did not realize that the other bundle also had a game.. this certainly changes things.


you made some good points but this commment is rubbish and u know it.

"The PS base has a wider variety in gaming tastes"
if stand by this comment please provide any evidence in support thereoff..

Toenado3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Could be there are alot people buying the ps3 for there family. As Wall E is much more family friendly than Killzone 2.

Chubear3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Now if this was a story about how a PS3 bundle with only movies in the bundle sold more than one with games in the bundle I could probably give it to the haters but crying cause one of the bundles had the highest rated game included in the bundle with a movie is kinda daft.

The PS base has a wider variety in gaming tastes so not everyone in the base wants shooters so they go with the bundle that has a platformer in it with little Big planet and they get a movie as well. Some people wanted LBP more than MGS4.. so what's the big deal? What we can get from this is, parents are seemingly buying a PS3 for their kids and not a wii as they may already have that.

Remember, the 360 base supported the hell out of HD DVD ADD-ON even though it was pegged as an obvious dood likely to fail and never said anything other than pure praises about how they can watch an HD DVD via their 360 with this add-on. So now it's bad for PS3 gamers to be able to watch blu-ray movies? isn't that part of the features it has that made them buy in it the first place?

Choice is great; you can have a bundle that has one of the best rated games in the PS3 line in a platformer like LBP & a movie or have a bundle with 2 spectacular shooting gaming experiences.

snaz273472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

well for starters the vast majority of gamers which are somewhere in between casual and hardcore dont come on sites to check out gaming news, they wouldnt even know that the games on offer are first party games, and of awesome quality, thats 1 point. and lets face it by now 99% of hardcore gamers already have a console.. secondly i would say that with the knowledge that the ps3 also plays blu-ray movies, which is well known by now, people would want to test that function of the ps3 out, hense buy the bundle with the game and the blu-ray, so they get the best of both worlds. either way like someone has already said the ps3 is selling so its all good, if people bought the ps3 just for movies, why would they buy a console bundle with a game included at all? and blu-ray players are cheaper than the ps3 now anyway, so that doesnt make sense.

Megaton3472d ago

It has finally happened. The PS3 is being outsold... by itself.

raztad3472d ago

It's lovely how the whole family is being brought into the world of PS3. It's like some kind of Wii-like effect, LBP for the kids (highly family friendly game) and a family friendly movie.

It's awesome as well, how hardcore (newcomers) PS3 gamers are getting the action bundle so its sales are just right behind the family bundle. The action bundle it's a great value. Two unparalleled games for free.

Traveler3472d ago

If I were buying a PS3 today I would choose the Killzone 2/MGS4 bundle, but the bundle with LittleBigPlanet and Wall-E clearly has a wider appeal. LBP can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and the same goes for Wall-E.

snaz273472d ago

i also agree with the guy who said that the ps3 fanbase has a wider variety in gaming tastes, its pretty well known, its the reason why creative games such as flower, and flow are viable on the ps3, sony with all the developer support do try to cater for everyone, and this is a good thing.

Traveler3472d ago

Sony have always done an amazing job of covering all the gaming basis and introducing fresh new IPs.

orakga3472d ago

The KZ2/MGS4 bundle did not make sense to me at all. Yes, it is THE BEST bundle for gamers like us... but people like us ALREADY OWN the damn thing, so what's the point?

Sony needed to offer something to appease people UNLIKE us. And these people would never have cared about MGS4 or KZ2 anyway. The LBP/Wall-E bundle was THE BEST thing they could have come up with, and I commend Sony for doing SOMETHING right for once.

Now they just need the damn $299 SKU...

pippoppow3472d ago

Eyepet and Last Guardian Family Gaming Bundle. Should help sales.

FamilyGuy3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

And you're point is?

Wall-e is a great movies LBP is a Great and they've both been out longer than the MGS4 KZ2 bundle. On top of that, casual always outsells hardcore and that's the real comparison of the two bundles here.

The LBP+Wall-e bundle definitely marketed towards "casual gamers" and it's one of the best ps3 bundles out.

Either way, it's good that sony is increasing their console sales.

"and blu-ray players are cheaper than the ps3 now anyway, so that doesnt make sense."

This comment is GOLD
It ends ALL arguments.

sunnygrg3472d ago

Sony PS3 outsells Sony PS3. Hmm, doesnt make sense, right? Neither does this one.

Beardown823472d ago

A bundle that has been on sale for almost double the time has sold more! I'm sure over a longer time period it will offset. There were four bundles of the MGS4 and KZ2 at the Best Buy by my house and they were gone within a week.

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Sonyslave33473d ago

NO sh!t people buys ps3 just to watch blue ray.

Theodore873473d ago

Except the fact that the blu-ray bundle has LBP, a system-defined game.

IcyJoker1873472d ago

rushing to find ps3 articles and then meaninglessly bash them make you look stupid

Chubear3472d ago

lol, sooo you're saying this is bad for Sony to have a bundle that has a game and a movie selling great along with their other bundle selling great with 2 games?

... there's a reason MS loves people like you.

topgeareasy3472d ago

I wonder why people don't buy an xbox 360 for HD DVD instead of a PS3 for blu ray oh wait they can't as HD DVD is finished

-MD-3472d ago

Most people just buy a blu-ray player for blu-ray you know since they're 180$.

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Mr_Bun3473d ago

I can never access punchjump...they need a bigger server

Captain Tuttle3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

You should be thankful you can't access them. All they ever do is link to online retailers.

chasegamez23473d ago

what about the people who picked it up in person

Babypuncher3472d ago

OMGWTFBBQ! that's it, i give up. i am trading in my PS3 immediately. the PS3 can't even outsell itself!

Nineball21123472d ago

Yeah! You should trade in your PS3 for the better selling PS3 movie bundle!

That'll show 'em!

JonnyBigBoss3472d ago

I actually found your post really funny.

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