Spawn Kill Review: Tales of Monkey Island, Chapter I

Cuatro Chihuahuas of Spawn Kill writes: "Even the most diehard point-and-click adventure fans will admit the heyday of adventure gaming seem to belong past. Still, these games seem to be making a comeback lately, with venues like Nintendo's DS and Wii opening the door for both ports and new games alike. Particularly making waves recently (sorry for the awful pun), was LucasArts' recent revelation of Monkey Island: Special Edition, an updated version of the classic, being released July 15 on PC and XBLA. Following on its coattails (or should I say, proceeding it?) on July 7 was Telltale Games' first installment of the new game Tales of Monkey Island, the first truly new game in the Monkey Island franchise in years."

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Snarkasaur3473d ago

I should play this game...never been into adventure point and click style stuff before, but I hear nothing but positive stuff about it.

rrquinta3473d ago

I recommend it, but of course, if you don't like point-and-clicks, you don't like them. However, if this genre interests you at all, it really is a very well made game.

futur3man3473d ago

Soon as I finish clicking through The Dig I'll have to check this out.