Spawn Kill: I Write About Games Better Than You

Molotov Cupcake of Spawn Kill writes: "We are writing about video games. Video games are not politics, stem cell research, tackling AIDS, or debating on how to spend your tax dollars. First and foremost, games are supposed to be fun. I appreciate the analysis of the deep-seated issues the industry faces, and opinion pieces are always welcome. In fact, I'm writing one right here. But when you view it at the lowest common denominator, we are all spending time at our keyboards writing about video games, a hobby that was created for the purpose of entertainment, not to piss and moan about every second of the day, or to grow an army of internet fans with."

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Snarkasaur3479d ago

Games are supposed to be fun?!

Anyone in this field who thinks they're a journalist should be smacked in the eye.

rrquinta3479d ago

Unfortunately, I think you get this mentality anywhere, and I think you get the concept of "I'm published, so I'm more important that you." Wait... you're "published" too? Oh... um... Well, "I'm MORE published than you!!" *Sigh*

mirroredderorrim3478d ago

I think if people just relax and forget they are reporting any news, tell it like it IS and have fun with what they are doing; those are who I want to see report and write about games.

futur3man3478d ago

How dare you, I exclusively play games to have something to complain about.

Enjoyable write up.