Halo Reach "AAA Engine"?

A recent a recruitment posting shows that Microsoft Game Studious is working on a new engine that will be powering the future of the Halo series

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iamtehpwn3473d ago

Assuming they're not talking about the 3 Halo games on Xbox360 (3, Wars, and ODST), and now Reach, does this mean a possible Halo 4 before the end of 360's life span?

Bnet3433473d ago

Depends how long the 360 gen will last.

Jaces3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

I'll believe it when I see it. That's all I have to say on this matter.

Wow, 14 minutes and 8 disagrees. Must be ladies night or something round here.

Jinxstar3473d ago

4,5,6 and 7. They'll keep making them as long as people keep buying them... If people don't adopt their next platform they'll go back and support the old one with plenty of new Halo DLC and such. Marketing wise it makes sense.

phosphor1123473d ago

Terms like AAA and etc were used for reviewers and consumers to rate a game. Then all of a sudden developers started using it as a PR term and its BS. I'm sick of it. You can't announce an AAA game until its been reviewed.


i imagine they will want a halo built from the ground up 4 natal

Deviant3473d ago

Who the hell disagreed with phosphor -.-

Mo0eY3473d ago

Halo Golf, Halo Tennis, Special appearance of Master Chief in the next fighting games, Halo the movie, Halo the cereal, Halo the Mountain Dew drink, Master Chief's Wife: A Romance Novel.

Look at all this beautiful merchandise that has or will hit the shelves, and all you pre-teenie boppers will lap it up like it's a drop of a water in the Sahara.

Natsu X FairyTail3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )


I think you're a Hater ,Haters everywhere we go , Haters going down for the Count.

gaffyh3473d ago

Why does everyone always say this before the game is even made??? Devs always say they're working on a AAA game or something like that.

The only people who decide whether a game is AAA isn't the devs, or the reviewers, it's people who play the damn game, the consumers! Cos you know, Too Human and Lair were AAA games weren't they?

All Time Greatness3473d ago

This is going to be amazing.

....buuu bu Forza 3 couldn't look that good without teh Cell either!!!

There's no way!

Halo: Reach is going to be positively HUGE. :S

Sitris3473d ago

People chuck those letters around alot, of course MS is going to put money into there biggest franchise, pity natal is going to be forced into it, so some gamers are going to be alienated by it. Oh well the future of Halo is going to be spin offs. So i do reckon it will eventually fall from grace and not be the be all end all game that it was.

Be a gamer not a hater

PSN ID: Sitris

phosphor1123473d ago

I'm just saying that its BS that devs are using that term to RATE THEIR OWN GAMES.

iChaos Amongus3473d ago

"be able to deliver solid performant code for a AAA game engine"

Are people seriously upset over this? Has Bungie not earned to right to say this by now? Come on, get real people. Seems certain folks just have to complain in some way, this is Halo after all. Must be an unconscious reaction or something.

All their saying is they need someone who can help make a "top-of-the-line engine".

phosphor1123473d ago

Not Turn 10, not Polyphony Digital, not Santa Monica Studios, not Bioware, I will keep going for you. The fact is, you can't predetermine an opinionated label given by others. If it was like "We need engineers for our physics oriented game engine", that is factual, you can say that, but to say for our "AAA game engine" is self labeling an opinion that is given through reviewers.

Megatron083473d ago

A Halo game that really pushes the graphics of the 360 would likely shot the game to a whole another level for sales. Think of all the graphic whores out there are people that are just easily impressed by a pretty picture

DevastationEve3473d ago

Halo 3's only real competition was Call of Duty 4 and KillZone 2. PS3 fanboys might disagree...

Resolution aside, Halo 3 delivers the gameplay that the competition can't. With over 400 manufacturers, er, 400 cars from 50 different manufacturers...

...wait, where am I? Yeah, I have Forza MS 3 on the brain right now sorry :-P

da720izcumin3473d ago

Halo Golf---> BUY
Halo Tennis---> BUY
Special appearance of Master Chief in the next fighting games
---> definite BUY, imagine KI3 w/ john 117!!!!OMG!!!BUY
Halo the movie--->BUY and it will be 4 only $10
Halo the cereal---> wanna grow strong like MC, definite BUY
Halo the Mountain Dew drink---> dude, its been done! I want fanta!!!
Master Chief's Wife: A Romance Novel--->well, I hear romance books are nice, and if you add some needlers and Master Chief, then BUY!

now do you understand?

phosphor1123473d ago

I'm just so used to it being referred to as a review label. Apparently it has to do with production value of a game. A N4G member has told me, along with my brother (i asked him). He said it referred to production value, so yes, it will be AAA then.

DeadlyFire3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

This = X-Engine. Its new project coming along from Microsoft. Said to be utilized like Edge Tools for PS3, but for X360 instead.

As far as AAA goes. There is no AAA for game engines. There is one and there is another. The newest one usually looks the best.

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midgetsanx3473d ago

Halo news makes me miss playing Halo 3 with my friends..

rakzztar3473d ago

why the "disagrees"?

iChaos Amongus3473d ago

I can't wait for ODST. I'm really look forward to 4 player co-op through the first open world Halo title ever(though Halo isn't super linear when compared with other shooters anyways), the remake of Mid Ship from Halo 2 and then more than anything, Fire Fight mode. It will be so fun with Halo's gameplay.

But Halo: Reach, yea even though it's more than a year's secretly my most anticipated title. I love Bungie games.

Xiedo3473d ago

Yeah, go Bungie! I am excited to hear a new, high-quality engine is on the way.

Say what you want about the Halo 3 engine and it's flaws. Arguably a lot of bloom and relatively small-scale battlefields. It was still very beautiful. Just go to and look at random screenshots. It's very apparent that Bungie really works to achieve a unique look. Unlike so many shooters which are just black and grey and samey looking. Halo gets the colors going and you explore all kinds of environments, all with great AI hammering away at you...

Blackbuster3473d ago

You can only do so much on the 360. Thus why they made Halo 3 look like GARBAGE so that the later installments can be graphically improved.

N4PS3G3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

my mind was blown away by your logic

Natsu X FairyTail3473d ago

Halo... back in 2007.

How is you gon diss a game that is 3years old?

Xi3473d ago

Halo 3 still looked about as good as resistence 2 when it was released... Even though R2 was released after.

SuperM3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

2007 i is think wud be 2 years ago

also Xi u not play R2, how know u what is?

Kushan3473d ago

Halo 3 had 4-player split screen. Show me a better looking game with that feature.

likedamaster3473d ago

Well said, Kushan... for once!

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ShabzS3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

on halo reach directly from aaron greenberg himself.... screenshots and vids of what he had to say after the link... its authentic and his gt is infact BIGVIP

Munky3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

But I want to see some video of the game.

GiantEnemyCrab3473d ago

Good stuff, so nice that he even replied and is accessible! Why don't Sony execs give out their gamertags?

I think MS heard the graphics complaints with Halo 3 and see what Sony is delivering. What better IP to use than their flagship title.

ShabzS3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

.. i remember i was playing cod 4 ... and *bling*... *BIGVIP sent you a messege* .. i was like wtf ... he replied ?!?!...

anyway i'm trying to figure out a way to post this on the n4g news section ... a blog site is the only way i can think of... dont care if it fails approval... i mean this is still some indication of wat they are aiming with halo reach's visuals right

@below: haha ... sorry man didnt try to mislead you ... just posted what i encountered... comic con might have some new info on reach so... and its only a few weeks away...

ZombieNinjaPanda3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

You had very ...excited to see some pictures of Reach..then I realized you meant you had Greenburg added.

I feel..let down now..

:( Whats up with the disagrees guys? So I wasn't..dissapointed? I really thought he meant he had pics of Reach.

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NS3473d ago

Finally!!!. This game is what Halo 3 should have been. Apart from the MP. Halo 3 is crap that MS rushed out.