Spawn Kill Preview: JU-ON: The Grudge

Tigresa of Spawn Kill writes: "Lover of all things undead, twisted, and psychotic (Clubbing baby seals? How about clubbing babies and you've got me), I was highly anticipating the opportunity to put what is referred to as a haunted-house simulator to the test."

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Snarkasaur3475d ago

It's very nice to hear that they're following the Japanese version, as whenever they try to remake one of these movies in the states they invariably suck.

rrquinta3474d ago

I have to agree with you, Snark. The Japanese can do horror, and whenever the Americans try to re-do a great Japanese horror film, they do screw it up... hopefully this game will be improved from the version demoed, though, from the sounds of it...

futur3man3474d ago

Oh man, this looks a lot like Penumbra. I look forward to hearing more about it.