Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Adrenaline Expansion Packs A Bag Full of Destruction

"This past week on the PlayStation Store, the guys from Evolution Studios released their second pack of DLC for MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, called The Adrenaline Pack. This pack is another fine addition to MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, coming with a slew of new tracks for gamers to test their nerves on. There are 3 completely brand new tracks, 4 volcanic remixes of old tracks, and a remix of a new track."

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Nick2120043477d ago

I must say that if you are a fan of the MotorStorm franchise, both the Speed and Adrenaline packs are a must buy. If you can only get one, I would recommend the Adrenaline expansion.

killajd3477d ago

Me Im gonna have go out and rebuy this all over again cause I lost it!!! Mine as well get everything! All expansions, addon etc. if Im going to get back into this!!!

Honda043477d ago

Yea i had not played motorstorm pr much before the packs came out but they bring alot of fun into this game it may have taken a while to come out but they are great!

remanutd553477d ago

both expansion packs are totally worth it