Turok - Welcome to the Jungle

The Turok series has had something of a tumultuous history. Once held up by Nintendo fans as an N64 headliner, the Turok games steadily declined in quality, with Turok Evolution seemingly putting the final nail in the coffin. That, obviously enough, wasn't to be the end of the story. Buena Vista Games picked up the license and put Propaganda Games to work on a new instalment. From what we've seen this is shaping up to be the game Turok fans have been craving, with lush Unreal Engine 3-powered environments, some seriously massive prehistoric predators, and an emphasis on believable AI that makes the world of the game feel like a living, breathing ecosystem. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the game, however, is the fact that the player is an interloper in this primeval world, on the tail of a war criminal named Kane. Dinosaurs are both a threat to the player and a tool in your arsenal that can help you gain the upper hand in the fight against Kane and his troops. To get the low-down on how the game is progressing, IGN caught up with Josh Holmes, the VP at Propaganda.

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power of Green 4194d ago

This series is why i got into shooters and was the first time i gave FPSs a chance and actually got me into Xbox because Halo seemed so simular in gameplay and to this day i still think Xbox's style is close to older Nintendo's feel. Bring it on.

FCOLitsjustagame4194d ago

I never played the series before but I did put it on my watch list when gamespot originally had it listed for last holiday season. The story sounds decent, I hope the gameplay will match it.

kewlkat0074194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

brings back memories. One of the early FPS's I remember playing on a console, aaaaah memories. Then there was Goldeneye 007 that really ate up my hours of college. 4-player split screen, after classes, just priceless. The guns in Turok were very creative at the time, I wonder what they will have this time around.

Imagine the Crysis Engine with this game....anyhow I'll probally get this, since I've seen and played the last ones and this is Next-Gen, I can't wait.

power of Green 4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

I forgot about Perfect Dark and Golden eye.

Why would somebody dissagree with my post #1 thats the way it was/is for me, thats somthing that can not be dissagreed with lol. Dam you #3 you beat me to my edit, DAAMMM YOOUUU fine chick talking to me, DOUGH!.

Close_Second4193d ago

Because it made me realise how limited the PS2 was and I traded up for an Xbox and Halo.

I remember loading up Turok on the PS2 and was greeted with some ok visuals but then I moved my character around to find choppy framerates, small draw distances and foliage that reacted like it was made out of rubber. Mind you, Killzone wasn't much of an improvement when it was released a couple of years later...

People may moan about FPS games but at least the Xbox got them right more often than not!

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