Blitz: "Natal 3D In The Works"

NowGamer: Andrew Oliver has told NowGamer that Blitz Tech are looking at how to combine it's new stereoscopic viewing technology with the Xbox 360 motion controller

Develop Conference, Brighton: Industry stalwart Andrew Oliver has been evangelising about the emerging 3D viewing technology ahead of Blitz Games' first stereoscopic game, Invincible Tiger.

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Jockamo3474d ago

Someone make some sense of this quote for me:

"We're certainly open to the possibilities - imagine batting a ball that's been thrown out of your TV with your own hand?"

danthaman153474d ago

i don't know what that means but it sounds cool.

Gamer_Politics3474d ago

alot of people want to support Natal

GiantEnemyCrab3474d ago

Nice. Starting to move into holodeck style stuff here now. lol

good to see a lot of companies want to support Natal.

green3474d ago

Nice to see Natal getting a lot of support.

Xi3474d ago

Like johnny lee chung said:

"We would all love to one day have our own personal holodeck. This is a pretty measurable step in that direction."