Infinity Ward Talks Modern Warfare 2, 43 Stories Up

Stephen Totilo of Kotaku writes:

"Infinity Ward brought Modern Warfare 2 to New York City last night and educated us a bit about the game's lengthy co-op, ever-changing name, suspiciously inexpensive night vision goggles and more.

The developers of Activision's first-person-shooter fall juggernaut showed their game on the 43rd floor of a midtown Manhattan hotel, with drinks offered, a big screen to play the game, and thunderous surround sound. They played. We watched. We inquired. They answers... mostly."

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KillerPwned3473d ago

Hm little strange seeing has how he would`nt comment on the make and model of the NVG`s.

ZombieNinjaPanda3473d ago

Because they're probably a "toy" version of actual night vision goggles.

They function, but they aren't as good as the real thing.

Kushan3473d ago

If you want a good functioning pair of nightvision goggles, buy a pair of good, funcitoning night vision goggles. If you want a cool collectors item, get the prestige edition of MW2. I don't see what the fuss is about,even if the goggles are a bit rubbish, is anyone seriously considering buying the prestige edition with a practical use for them in mind?
They're the kind of thing that sit on a nice shelf somewhere and shown off to friends once in a while.

tdogchristy903473d ago

I'm officially interested in this "spec-ops" gameplay.

The-Director3473d ago

No infinite enemy spawn could be the best thing that ever happened to the COD series, dedicated servers will complete the picture.

Kushan3473d ago

If you want dedicated servers, get the PC version.

N2NOther3473d ago

OK. Buy me the PC to play it on.

kwicksandz3473d ago

already bought my gaming PC in preperation for Cod4 2

no more blurry, laggy conole cod for me!