Develop 2009: Gameplay Not Everything, Says Dyack

"Gameplay is not everything," said Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness) founder and president Denis Dyack. "If you look at the most popular games today, they are far more narrative-focused."

"If games are to follow the trajectory of films, then the dominance of gameplay will diminish in place of an increased focus and importance on gaming's stories and the ways in which they are told," he added.

Dyack's controversial message was delivered during a talk at Brighton, UK's Develop Conference calling for games to be considered as "the Eighth Art." He highlighted the writings of Ricciotto Canudo, an Italian author and one of the first theorists of film who considered cinema to be the Seventh Art.

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Nineball21123474d ago

He has a point, but yet, if the gameplay isn't there... why not just watch a movie instead?

It'll be interesting to see how Heavy Rain does. I think that might be the source of his comment here.

ShadowMantis3474d ago

I didn't think about that until now.