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sak5003475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Ouch.. Doesnt matter they have plenty of games in 2009.

OmarJA3475d ago

As a matter of fact yes we do luckily...

Looks like the PS3 version will better with no glitches & problems free, eh?

iChaos Amongus3475d ago

Come on now, this is no biggie...everyone will still be getting this game shortly, no worries. :)

menoyou3475d ago

I personally don't care about this game anymore. BlazBlue has my full fighting game attention for a while.

Nineball21123475d ago

Oh, yes... Ouch! This has just ruined all PS3 owners' day. /sarc

LOL... This is hardly an "ouch" event. And it wouldn't be if it were going the other way either... SMH

rockleex3475d ago

Oh well, I guess they took the extra time to "balance" things out. ^_~

ultimolu3475d ago

Very mature, very mature.

I'm sure the world won't implode during that time.

Bnet3433475d ago

*sigh* I was planning on getting this on PSN .. what the f*ck .... why is this?

WaitStation 33475d ago

My reputation precedes me.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

its "whydis" with his 1 millionth account.

that deserves a prize.

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Sonyslave33475d ago

WaitStation 3 ahahahhaahhahah.

nostalgic_noob3475d ago

Have been waiting for a good game since 2007.
And that game was Dead Rising but now the Wii has a superior Version.
The Xbox is obsolete its a piece of sh1t.

OmarJA3475d ago

Wow, you must like being the first to post retarded comments in every topic...

Enjoy the beta bot just make sure you report back to Capcom LOL!

LuHawk23475d ago

shut your ass up always crying and sh!t

-MD-3475d ago

Even his avatar looks sad.

talltony3475d ago

and xbots will wait till christmas to have a good exclusive while infamous and killzone 2 have been out for a while now. Sux to only own one system it really really does.

MurderdollsPS33475d ago

You act like multiplatforms don't exist.

Shane Kim3475d ago

Hasn't been a good multiplat so far.

talltony3475d ago

BUT I SAID "GOOD EXCLUSIVE" and 360 wont have any good one till 2 months before christmas.

360isthebestps3sucks3475d ago

delaystation 3




WaitStation 33475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

:D You should be used to it by now.

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-MD-3475d ago

You should be laughing at me because I bought a PS3... I should have bought a freakin car instead.

William Gates3475d ago

Sell your Xbox your embarrassing yourself and my company

VampHuntD3475d ago

I'm sure the game is ready to be let loose by now so what's the reason for this delay? Not happy Capcom, not happy. Still not buying it on 360 though, I'll wait for the better dpad use.

Oner3475d ago

Exactly. I'll just keep playing it on either my Dreamcast, PS2 or Xbox until it releases on the PSN, because I already have 3 different Arcade Joysticks that are compatible with my PS3 and not my 360.

But it also gives me a little extra time to order a Cthulhu Board and some extra HAPP parts I needed for one of them that needs some updating.

AriesFury3475d ago

Probably MS paid Capcom to delay it for PSN. It won't be the first time.

Rhezin3475d ago

That's okay though, plenty of awesome EXCLUSIVE PSN games coming out before then. What do you have to look forward to? Shadowplex? That game uses a whored out UE:III engine. Most games on PSN look and play better than that game. Just a trashy bionic commando clone.

Oh and us playstation owners have been enjoying the demo for quite awhile now.

-MD-3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Look at how furious you're getting lol it's hilarious watching you rage. Name a couple exclusive PSN games coming out before August 13th.

You've been enjoying that awesome local multiplayer only demo? Really?

Edit: You're aware you can type dumbass instead of dumba$$ right? Dumbass.