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free2game3653474d ago

It's stupid they delay their PC game releases so long and then complain about their sales. It's all needless, and if Bionic Commando shows anything it's that PC piracy doesn't kill sales, bad hype and promotion does.

narked3474d ago

im still not hyped about this game :/
im still wanting a retro RE... guess im stuck in the PS1 days but for me those where the true RE's

Gen0ne3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

If you pine for the good old days of RE like me, and it seems as though you do. I'm afraid for this iteration of RE may make you consider kicking an old lady in the shin. Just because you'll be in the mood. It's not scary, at all. It might as well be called, MIchael Bay's RE. It's 100% action. Which would be 100% cool if that's how the series originally started. But alas, it was not. In RE5's defense though, it is fun. And even more fun online co-op. So basically expect everything you don't want, done exceptionally well, and you'll be ok with the purchase.

narked3473d ago

yep thats the thing.. i believe it will be an awesome game to play, just like RE4.
so i'll probably keep it at that, just an awesome action game to play

-MD-3474d ago

I hope it gets pirated to death. What an awful game in an otherwise awesome series.

kwicksandz3474d ago

if they offer it cheap, and through steam i might double dip. SF4 for less than half retail console price and with new shaders got me to go PC, so we shall see what extras RE5 has first.

Gen0ne3474d ago

Oh, sorry. I Just came off the other posts and I'm still reeling.

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