Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! -ZTGD Review

Gambus Kahn writes: Have you ever played a JRPG and thought to yourself, this lame spiky-haired punk needs to die? Do you find the idea of taking out the brave whiny-mouthed hero and his overly frisky healer girlfriend, intriguing? Does the idea of a group of self-righteous do-gooders meeting their fate in the cold grip of impending doom just make you want explode in absolute glee? Then I shall present to you, Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!: What Did I do to Deserve This? (Note: since this is perhaps the longest game title in the history of overly-long Japanese game titles ever, I'm just going to refer to the game as Badman, thank you! )

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Keith Olbermann3475d ago

I will be downloading this today.

rockleex3475d ago

This was a funny and great review.

I never really understood what this game was about until I read this review.

Why can't more reviews be like this? WHY!!!

zoneofenders3475d ago

this review is hilarious!
however this game is a little bit too hard for my taste.....
yes i played it when it was released in japan...