Opinion: Mobile Games Out Of Control?

Despite massive technological and artistic advances and a steadily increasing public profile, mobile gaming still flops too often over a simple hurdle: phones were not meant for playing games on. It seems such an obvious point, but its force is undeniable. The keypad on a mobile handset is for dialling numbers, and not really anything else.

Today, gamers will go to the trouble of modding their X-Box pads to fit in their PCs rather than use the perfectly serviceable native models. A good control pad is that important.

Where does that leave the joystick-less, trigger-less mobile?

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Rybnik4199d ago

LOL, I hope this gets out soon.
The market is really overflooded with poorly though out moble garbage. I can't remember which guy claimed that moble gaming would take over console gaming, but he was an idiot...considering that almost all moble games suck, and the volume is no where near that of console, pc and handheld.

Robotz Rule4199d ago

(Laughs)ahhh.....good stuff,good stuff!,that guy is stupid to believe or even think of something that stupid:)