G-Force Rejects Trailer

This live action trailer features the worst of the worst.

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NVIDIA's GeForce gets a new Game Ready Driver for Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Neocrisis - Today NVIDIA released a new Game Ready Driver just in time for the launch of Kingdom Come : Deliverance. The new Game Ready Driver also supports NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights in Metal Gear Survive and War Thunder, while NVIDIA Ansel support comes to Black Desert Online.

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DirectX 12 RPCS3 PS3 Emulator – New Video Shows 3D Game "G-Force" Running On An NVIDIA GTX650Ti

YouTube's 'Emulator_Team' has released a video showing the PS3 3D game "G-Force" running fine on an NVIDIA GTX 650Ti.

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DarkOcelet3001d ago

DAMN! Such an amazing progress. Last we saw the Emu, it was running on a GTX 970. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw the Emu running The Last Of Us/God Of War 3/Uncharted 3 by the end of this year.

Excellent progress.

Hoffmann3001d ago

I expect it to be able to play through games like disgaea 3 via emulator by the end of 2016.

Crimzon3001d ago

Disgaea 3 has been fully playable in RPCS3 for quite a while now. I think it's one of the first games they got running at full speed?

The Xbox 360 emulator (I think it's called Xenia?) has made great progress as well, with some early 3D games such as Ridge Racer 6 working at full speed with minimal graphical glitches. I've seen footage of Catherine working well too, albeit with a lot more graphical weirdness, but gameplay was fine and full speed as well.

Great to see strides made with optimizations and hardware requirements decrease over time, much like we saw with PS2/Wii emulation. The Wii U emulator seems to be coming along well also.

nitus103001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

I won't deny that the video demonstates that the PS3 emulator can play that particular game and they are using an older mid range GPU, however what the article did not state was the specifications of the cpu, memory and their clock frequencies. That is also very important as well.

Another question to ask and probably one that won't be forthcoming is: Are you reading the game off a BluRay drive or if not are your reading of a ripped (Err! copied) file?

ProjectVulcan3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

@ nitus10

AMD FX 6300
GTX 650 TI
8GB Ram

FX6300 doesn't OC that great.

So the PC is weaksauce. It's hugely impressive considering the specs are hardly going to melt your face off in 2016 terms, I think that was the point of the video to show it runs great on a modest machine.

This is 3+ year old PC hardware we're talking about, and it wasn't exactly top end back then either lol

343_Guilty_Spark3001d ago

This is proof emulation of the PS3 is only "too complicated" if it isn't considered financially gainful. In other words, it's an excuse.

Ravenor3001d ago

They're also running a FX 6300 (Dated, but far more capable than what's in a PS4 or XB1) the highest end product with the Jaguar micro architecture is the Athlon 5350. Obviously, it gets murdered by an FX 6300 in every benchmark.

It's not as simple as it seems. Especially when you consider PS3 and 360 Emulation are something that has been worked on by the community for awhile now. 360 Emulation is still far from perfect even, take the blinders off man.

PeaSFor3001d ago Show
HWG3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

@PeaSFor, and when it's running Infamous 2 at full speed ( or even better @ 4k 120/144 Hz ) what then? If you think the Cell processor is anything more than an over-complicated mess of an x86 processor, you clearly don't have the electrical engineering gonads you want people to think you do. We messed around with CELL Blade servers in 2011, they were cool - they were fun - they were neato. They were ultimately replaced with more standardized hardware (I.E. Xenon processors) because they were cheaper and just ran better.

CELL does one thing well, and that's floating point compute operations. Nothing the PS3 has to offer, software wise in the game department, could ever even come close to maxing out the CPU on any decent mid-range gaming rig.

Let's not forget that the majority of Infamous 2's graphical fidelity (or any other PS3 game for that matter with the exception of a core few titles) relies more on GPU operations, as the CELL structure, while fast at floating point, was awful at doing anything else effectively.

PeaSFor3001d ago

@HWG "when it's running Infamous 2 at full speed what then?"

Hot air dont work, sorry.

3001d ago
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AndrewLB3001d ago

Looks like everyone who was saying PS3 emulation is many years away couldn't have been more wrong.

This is great news for people like myself who have PS3 games but no longer have a working console due to crap soldering on the GPU. Now that i think about it, I don't believe a single one of my friends still have a working PS3 "Fat". Pretty much every one of them died.

nitus103001d ago

What did you to your FAT PS3 do mine is still running.

343_Guilty_Spark3001d ago

My PS3 YLOD. I was so pissed. It was a fat 60gb.

IAreBeMrLee3001d ago

I've had my fat boy since launch and it still runs now, albeit fairly loud

Eck03000d ago

my fat 60gb still works like it did since day one.. my buddy had the 40gb that came out later..and his took a shit in like a year..

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Perjoss3001d ago

Is it the type of thing where you can slap your original games in and play them? 'cos I still have quite a few of those.

DarkOcelet3001d ago

Yeah, thats about it :)

Although its gonna take some time to be fully optimized.

Gwiz3001d ago

I think you're being overly optimistic with those games.

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Majin-vegeta3001d ago

They always show these low end budget games running.How about showing somethinf like KZ2.Then ill be amazed.

Persistantthug3001d ago

How much time do you think it will take, approximately, Pandamobile?

Pandamobile3001d ago

3-5 years? But what the hell do I know

IanTH3001d ago

PS3 is complicated as crap with the Cell and split RAM setup. The fact they can get anything to run is amazing, much less at full speed and on a 650ti.

650ti benchmarks about 2700, the PS4 is roughtly a cut down 7870, and that benches at about 4300. Even if you cut it down, more powerful than the 650ti here. The CPUs are pretty close as well. Sounds like with enough time, they could actually get this running on a system that is PS4-like in terms of power. Maybe they can sell it to Sony as a BC solution lol.

343_Guilty_Spark3001d ago

Sony could have already had an emulator if they invested resources into emulating the PS3. Instead, they chose to invest in Gaikai and profit from selling access to games people may already have.

AndrewLB3001d ago

The 650ti is just over 1.4 tflops. So right in the middle between xbone and PS4.


No, they couldn't. Emulators are very CPU intensive and can only run on as many CPU threads as the original hardware does. So you need two very fast processor cores to run this emulator well, not eight lackluster laptop CPU cores since only one or two will actually be used.

Ravenor3001d ago

The processor is just as important or more important in this case and the 6300 is considerably more capable than anything with Jaguar based APU's.

Articuno763001d ago

Emulating simple titles successfully is going to come before getting the more complex titles emulated (and emulated well). That's the nature of the beast.