NPD Analysis: Is Anybody Listening?

GrE writes, "It was less than a year ago when a writer opined on this very site about the possible ramifications of the recession-laden economy on the gaming industry. Since then, we've seen some notable mergers and closures within the ranks or publishers and developers, and the overall picture continues to be less than rosy. There's a prediction on the table that June's NPD figures (due out on July 16th) look to be disappointing again, with a call of software sales possibly declining as much as 23% over a year ago. Wii console sales have been gradually declining, while Xbox 360 and PS3 hardware sales, though more stable than the Wii, still trail Nintendo's hardware by a metric ton..."

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bgrundman3472d ago

Well things will get much better over the holidays.

CrAppleton3472d ago

Things always do get better for the holidays... but is that enough?

Anon19743472d ago

"As for Sony, the PlayStation 3 has never had a chance to succeed, primarily because the cost of the hardware is prohibitive."

Really? And yet the PS3 has moved 23 million consoles in 2 1/2 years at a higher price point and stiff competition. Where was this hang wringing when the 360 was only at 19 million at 2 1/2 years? Clearly the PS3's price isn't stopping consumers from picking up the PS3 because it's being adopted faster than the 360 ever was. This guy should do a little research rather then just parrot what others post.

The price of the PS3 shouldn't be a scapegoat for declining software sales year over year. That doesn't make any sense in the slightest. Why would a console with more units this year over last contribute to slowing software sales?

No Pete. No one is listening to you. You wanna know why? It's because you're assertion that the PS3's price is the cause of slowing software sales defies logic. There's no doubt that more PS3's sold would increase software sales, but to try to spin this as the cause is just unbelievably stupid. This article should have died as a draft in Word.


fail writer

FAIL FAIL FAIL i tell ya

rockleex3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

It would have made more sense if the author tried to assert that RROD(loss of units) has caused software sales to go down, rather than PS3 sales(increase of units) causing software sales to go down.

But even then, it'd still be a stupid article.

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Neco5123472d ago

I think people need to realize that there is a real threat to the videogame industry. It's obvious that there are problems already, and there will be more

bgrundman3472d ago

There is no need to be worried, I have a feeling that things will bounce back soon enough.

CrAppleton3472d ago

Seriously.. there is a major problem.. we've seen company after company fall or sell out.. this sucks

SL1M DADDY3472d ago

What? Did you think the video game industry was recession proof? Don't be delusional, it will get worse and once the smoke clears and people learn to live within their means and stop buying everything on credit, the industry will return to it's former glory. Let's just hope the recession does not hit us personally and we all manage to keep our jobs. I feel sorry for college kids these days... All that money spent on education and no jobs to fill.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33472d ago

Even in this poor economy, the gaming industry is still thriving. Sure, a few studios are going under, but they released terrible games. I mean, look at Atari, is it any wonder they lost their stock listing?

Point is, the gaming industry is still showing signs of growth, I just think it is less forgiving, especially to devs. that turn in terrible games.

--joshua--3472d ago

I don't think it's so bad that anyone should have to be worried. People always want entertainment, and video games is the largest entertainment industry currently out right now, surpassing even the movie industry. It may be a little slower right now due to economy, but it won't stay that way for long.

Haly3472d ago

I agree. Things are bound to pick up, just a bit of a slump as is the way with lots of industries at the moment.

Socomer 19793472d ago

i blame edge online.

I plague on both your houses. burn in hedes.

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